Mi Router AX3200 ROM Update

Xiaomi Mi Router AX3200

Stable firmware for Mi Router AX3200 (codename RB01) is downloaded for free from the official Xiaomi website — miwifi.com. We don’t make any changes to the original links, and we don’t keep the flash files and updates. This is stock ROMs.

You can download the latest version 1.0.83 and new updates for the Wi-Fi router below.

Global 1.0.83

Latest version of the stable Global firmware for Mi Router AX3200 by Xiaomi.

1.0.83 ROM

Release date
File size
20.84 MB
Official Link
Download (.bin)

Read the reviews on the 4PDA or XDA Developers websites before installing new software updates. If you downloaded the flash file or latest update, installed and encountered operation problems, please write about it in the comment section.

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  1. Helmar

    Please do not tell me that this router doesn’t even have a night-mode that allows me to turn off the WIFI on specific days at specific times…. I replaced a stock basic Zyxel which had this. Why not something much more modern?

    1. Yaroslav

      Xiaomi Routers doesn’t have such feature. Zyxel was much better

  2. Vojtěch Šárik

    Hi, I have problem with loading store pages in meta quest. It always takes like 3-5 minutes to load content. If I connect thru mobile hotspot then it loads instantly and my provider says it is my router. Can you tell me if there is any setting that could interfere with meta store? also I noticed that when I am connected to this router with my mobile it takes longer for games to sign into google play. May be correlation. Thank you for any help 🙂

    1. Yaroslav

      We have no idea, what’s wrong with your router…

  3. Benigni

    I bought a Mi Router AX3200 AX6S (RB03) which is all in chinese.
    Is it possible to flash this router with a AX3200 AX6 (RB01) firmware ?
    If it is not possible the last option will be an openwrt firmware.

    Thank’s in advance


  4. Bilal

    Yesterday evening my AX3200 just died without doing anything. I thought that the router was installing a FW update but even after half an hour the orange LED was blinking together with the blue LED. There is no way to access the router at all.
    Mi Wifi repair tool also doesn’t work.
    I ordered an UART adapter but it seems that I have to install FW 1.0.71 first in order to fullfill the flashing requirements.
    Since I can’t access the web interface, that is also not possibe.
    Is there a way to unbrick the device using UART and without flashing 1.0.71 before that?
    Warranty is not an option unfortunately.

    1. Yaroslav

      There is a serious problem. You’d better go to the service center.

  5. Vlad

    I cannot add ax3200 with firmware Global 1.0.83 as mesh to ax3600 global version.
    ax3600 finds ax3200 as mesh node but cannot connect it. Reset does not help. Connect ax3200 via WAN->LAN and adding as mesh works but it is not what I need.

  6. ioannis kalogeropoulos

    i don’t know if its a firmware problem , but the range is to low! i have gigabyte gc-wbax210 on my pc , and in 5-6 meters from the router i am only getting 210mbps. and i have 1gbps connection optic fiber!

    1. Yaroslav

      May be a bug. Try Hard Reset.