10 MIUI Updater problems and solutions

When installing MIUI updates on Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO phones and tablets, various errors may occur. These errors are a result of the built-in Updater application, which checks the compliance of the installed update file according to several criteria.

The automatic check is necessary because of the wide variety of Xiaomi firmware, the many supported regions, and the way ROMs are distributed. Also, some firmware is not intended for public use and is only available to beta testers.

Most of the messages start with the text “Can’t verify update…” when it’s impossible to verify the update file. Let’s take a look at the causes and solutions for 10 popular errors when updating MIUI. If the Xiaomi Update app has an error again, you’ll know what to do.

Couldn’t verify. Looks like current ROM’s network…

Looks like current ROMs network carrier type

Error text

Can’t verify update. Couldn’t verify. Looks like current ROM’s network carrier type is different from that in the Recovery package. Please download the correct ROM from MIUI forum.

An error occurs when trying to install an update for another region or mobile operator.


Xiaomi ROMs for smartphones and tablets is divided into two types — MIUI China (for the domestic market of China) and MIUI Global (the rest of the world). MIUI Global is divided into 8 regions — Global, India, Europe, Russia, Turkey, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan. All regions have their own regulations and laws, the frequencies of mobile operators are also different. Regional firmware is adapted to these and other features.

The firmware and region update files are different, so the update for India can only be installed on Indian ROM. Similarly with all other regions. For example, it is not possible to install the Indonesian update on the ROM for China, Russia or the global version.

There are two ways to solve this problem:

  1. Unlock the bootloader and install Fastboot ROM through the Mi Flash Tool app. It is not possible to install this firmware through the standard Updater application built into the MIUI interface.
  2. Download and install the update from the official MIUI firmware catalog corresponding to the MIUI region of your device. When choosing the firmware, pay attention not only to the MIUI version (the first digits), but also to the region code and the binding to the mobile operator.

How to choose the MIUI region:

  • is the global version.
  • is the update for Indonesia.
  • — India version.

For a list of region codes and sample mobile operators from the MIUI firmware number, please see the image below:

what miui version number means

Can’t verify update. ROM is in beta testing…

ROM is in beta testing

Error text

Can’t verify update. ROM is in beta testing, make sure you have signed in with a beta authorized xiaomi account.

The error message means that the user is trying to install a version intended for the testing team.


Before the stable version is released, the ROM goes through several stages of testing. Any user can download MIUI Beta, but before installation, the system checks your Xiaomi account against the list of testers. If you are not a tester, an error is displayed.

Wait for the official release of the update on your phone, or try to join the beta testing program.

Xiaomi periodically announces recruitment for testers, posting announcements about it on the official Mi Community forum. They invite owners of certain smartphone models and regions. You need to fill out a form, send an application and wait. After a while you will be able to install MIUI beta versions.

This is what the application form for the beta test of the global version of MIUI 13 looks like:

Mi Pilot test

All Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO firmware, including MIUI 12, MIUI 13MIUI 14, go through similar stages.

Can’t verify update. It’s not allowed to upgrade…

It’s not allowed to upgrade to unofficial ROM package

Error text

Can’t verify update. It’s not allowed to upgrade to unofficial ROM package.

The Verification Failed and Unofficial Version error message means that the user is trying to install a modified version of MIUI or ROM from an unofficial source.


Before installing the update, the Updater app built into MIUI checks the authenticity of the downloaded file. It also detects where you downloaded the file from. If the original archive was modified or downloaded from an unofficial source, it will not install. The Updater app only allows you to install the 100% original official version.

This is done to prevent you from accidentally installing unofficial firmware from third-party developers. That’s why all the files in our catalog are located on official Xiaomi servers, and we only publish 100% original links to download them.

There are cases when the update downloaded from the official miui.com site does not install. This is due to a corrupted file during the download process. To fix it, make sure you have a stable internet connection and download the file again.

This error message is helpful and prevents users from installing service packs from unreliable sources.

Can’t verify update. Couldn’t verify the source…

couldn’t verify the source of this update

Error text

Can’t verify update. Couldn’t verify the source of this update. Try downloading it again.

The message means that the update package file contains errors.


The error has two causes:

  1. Unstable Internet connection. To download a new version of MIUI to your smartphone, you need a stable Wi-Fi or mobile Internet connection. You need to complete the download in one go, without pausing or dropping the connection.
  2. Some users unzip the downloaded file.

Make sure your Internet connection is stable while downloading the update, do not pause the download and do not unzip the update package file.

When downloading a file via mobile Internet from a phone or tablet, even an incoming call can interrupt the installation. In this case, you need to download the file again.

Not enough space in cache partition. There isn’t enough…

Not enough space in cache partition

Error text

Not enough space in cache partition. There isn’t enough free space for an update in the cache partition of your device’s storage. Tap “Reboot” to clear the cache partition and reboot your device. Your data won’t be affected by this action.


The solution is described in the error text. If pressing the Reboot button doesn’t help, you can clear the cache via Recovery Mode.

Reset the phone via Recovery Mode:

  1. Create a backup of your data.
  2. Enter Recovery Mode.
  3. Navigate to the Wipe Data menu item using the volume buttons. Press the power button to confirm the wipe.
  4. When the wipe is complete, press Reboot.

Recovery Main Menu

Now you can install the MIUI update again.

You don’t have permissions to access the update log…

You dont have permissions to access the update log

Error text

You don’t have permissions to access the update log. Make sure the account you signed in with has the required permissions.


Log access error message often occurs when developers recall an update due to bugs. Xiaomi releases all updates in waves, not only to reduce the load on their servers, but also in the case of critical bugs in the phones of the first wave, to recall the firmware for revision. We have to wait for them to fix bugs and open the possibility of installation again.

Also the problem could be caused by failures in Xiaomi servers. Try to repeat the installation a little later.

The third reason is that a test version of MIUI is installed on your device. If you have it installed, you probably know about it.

Can’t verify update. Sorry, flash to this stable version…

Sorry, flash to this stable version is not allowed

Error text

Can’t verify update. Sorry, flash to this stable version is not allowed.

The error occurs when you try to install an incorrect version of MIUI update.


This usually happens when you install an update on an unsupported version of the firmware.

Each OTA update is designed for a specific version of MIUI and cannot be installed on another. When downloading an OTA, always pay attention to the MIUI version for which it is intended.

flash to this stable version is not allowed

An alternative way to update to the desired version of MIUI, bypassing the intermediate stages, is to use Recovery ROM mode or install Fastboot ROM from here.

Can’t download. Something went wrong. Wait a minute…

Can’t download. Something went wrong

Error text

Can’t download. Something went wrong. Wait a minute or two and try again.


When the Xiaomi servers are overloaded, this message may appear on your Xiaomi, Redmi, or Poco smartphone.

If tapping Try again doesn’t help, try again after a while.

Can’t verify update. Other reason

Cant verify update other reason

Error text

Can’t verify update. Other reason.


The error occurs when installing a beta version that was originally intended for a narrow range of users and was deleted.

Another reason for the error is the installation of a modified update file.

In both cases, you can reset the device to factory settings, download and install the official MIUI version.

You can’t rule out an error on the Xiaomi server. Try to wait for some time and try again.

Can’t Verify Update. You’re allow to flash the newest stable version

You’re allow to flash the newest stable version

Error text

Can’t Verify Update. You’re allow to flash the newest stable version published by miui forum from developer version only.


An error message is displayed when installing a previous version of MIUI that is under development. Only the latest version can be installed.

If you see this message, please download the new firmware for your device.

These are popular bugs that make it difficult to understand their causes. You may encounter them when trying to install an update on your Xiaomi, Redmi, POCO phone through the built-in MIUI Updater app.

There are simpler errors with obvious solutions that are not mentioned in the text. For example, the error message “Connect to WLAN” is supplemented by the text “To download this update, connect to a WLAN network”. The solution is obvious.

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