Why is my Xiaomi not getting MIUI updates

In the comments, you often ask why the MIUI update is not coming to Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO? Why isn’t MIUI updating on your phone while similar smartphones of friends have already received the new firmware version? Fair questions to which there are several answers.

It’s important to understand that the update that arrives on your phone is an OTA update. It should not be confused with a firmware file: Recovery ROM and Fastboot ROM cannot come to your device over the air.

MIUI update waves

The easiest reason for an OTA update not arriving is that your device is not in the first wave of the newsletter. Xiaomi sends out stable updates for smartphones and tablets in “waves”. This means that devices of the same model are updated in stages: first one part of the devices, later the new MIUI comes to the next models. The order of the mailing is random, you cannot sign up for the first wave.

The time gap between OTA waves can vary from a few days to months. This variation in dates is due to the fact that OTAs may be suspended due to minor bugs or may be recalled for improvements due to critical bugs. This is done without an official announcement from the developers. Users are left to wait for a re-release, which could take anywhere from a week to several months.

A recalled OTA Update can be identified by the following sign: the MIUI update arrived and then disappeared. The reason is simple — it’s been recalled for revision. Be glad you didn’t install MIUI with critical bugs and wait for the re-release.

It is possible to predict the approximate timing of the OTAs. To do so, just understand how popular the smartphone model is. If its popularity is off the charts, owners can wait very long for the next wave, as Xiaomi needs to update a large number of devices. And if the model was not popular, they might send out the OTAs in one wave.

How to speed up OTA release

Changing the region to Indonesia sometimes helps to get MIUI updates first. The fact is that this region receives new versions right after MIUI China.

How to change the MIUI region to Indonesia:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. From the settings list, select Additional Settings.
  3. Tap on Region.
  4. Select Indonesia from the list.

How to change the MIUI region to Indonesia

Many Xiaomi owners who don’t want to wait often resort to this method.

Why OTA updates are not coming

There are cases when you don’t have to wait for an OTA update at all. And it’s not because the particular phone was deprived of support (we mark such models in the catalog with EOS). In the most cases it’s not possible to receive OTA updates because of users’ actions or repairing the handset in the service center.

Why are you not getting MIUI OTA Update:

  • Not received. We talked about waves of updates above. Wait your turn, which can take anywhere from a week to several months. Or download the official OTA update (smartphones, tablets) from the catalog.
  • Unlocked bootloader. If the bootloader was unlocked on the phone (e.g. to install TWRP recovers), OTA update will not come. It is necessary to lock bootloader. The easiest way to flash the phone with the stock firmware is via Fastboot using MiFlash Pro software. In this case the bootloader will be autolocked.
  • Super user rights. If your phone has root rights, you won’t be able to get updates. You need to remove root access from your phone and perform a factory reset. If after that there are no OTA updates, try performing a full flash via Fastboot.
  • Custom firmware. Even if the custom firmware is based on MIUI, it won’t update. You need to install the official stock firmware through Fastboot using MiFlash Pro.
  • Incorrect firmware. It is important to download the firmware for the region of the device. For example, if you have a Chinese Xiaomi smartphone, Global ROM on it will not receive OTA updates.
  • System failure. Sometimes the reason why your smartphone doesn’t receive OTAs is a MIUI system glitch. Try performing a factory reset (Hard Reset). Before doing so, it is recommended to save all user data from the internal memory, as it will be deleted.
  • Result of viruses. Probably the system files have been seriously corrupted by malware. Check for viruses with standard MIUI tools in normal mode. If this doesn’t help, run the safe mode and repeat the procedure (some viruses are only removed this way).
  • Motherboard replacement. If your phone was repaired and the motherboard was replaced with a different serial number (for example, the board from the Chinese version of the smartphone was installed on the global version), then the OTA updates will not come, as they are bound to the hardware. Here the only way out is to go to a repair shop and demand a replacement for the original part.
  • The update is not out. OTAs are not released for all firmware. For example, an intermediate version of MIUI can only get Recovery ROM or Fastboot ROM. It turns out that other phones whose owners upgraded via Recovery ROM or Fastboot ROM will have the latest version MIUI, but you will have an older one.
  • The phone was purchased from a mobile operator. Ordinary phones may already receive updates, but tethered (so-called “locked phones”) may receive them much later due to the specific update schedule of the mobile operator.

These are all the main reasons why your phone might not receive the OTA updates. If you want to tell us about your case, welcome to the comments!

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  1. Eddie

    And then there are the devices that don’t get ota updates because the devs are to incompetent to update the mess they of miui that’s currently installed on the phone. Like the mi9 lite eu still no miui 12.5 ota. Cheap unsupported Chinese garbage

  2. Fire

    And my Mi 9 lite become Miui on September 2022.

  3. WYS

    My xiaomi pad 5 is MIUI14.

  4. Ken Holm

    My Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G was bought with august security and Android 11 in september. Never had any updates, not security or OTA.

    1. Yaroslav

      That’s not a time yet.

      1. مهدی

        مربوط به شیائومی
        مضخرف ترین آپدیت

  5. Umar butt

    My phone Redmi note 11 was not update now..New update Miui14 not coming my phone..

    1. Yaroslav

      You need to wait.

      1. Anthony

        Literally everyone around me who has a poco x3 pro got the miui 14 update a few weeks or months ago, but my phone still works with miui 13. But This isn’t the first time that this community play hide and seek with me. At this point i wanna smash my mighty phone to the wall in front of me. Thank u xiaomi thank u china.

    2. احمد

      حرام على شركة شاومي لم تحدث النوت8برو الوجة بالنسبة الي هو افضل من ريدمي 9بالف مره اخد وجة13

  6. hocine

    J’ai un Redmi note 11 NFC avec la rom récemment installée Europe SGKEUXM.
    Est-ce que je peux passer à la ROM globale SGKMIXM plus récente si c’est compatible ?

  7. انس

    مافي تح،pocox3 proديث

  8. Sina

    I have 11T Pro still hasn’t received miui 13 or android 12, is something wrong? is there a chance that it never comes unless I unlock bootloader? if anyone could answer or help I’d be glad

  9. Gianluca

    I have the mi10t pro
    I do not have MiUI 13
    I have european version brand Vodafone IT.
    to upgrade to miui 13 is it always necessary to unlock the bootloader, or is there a guide to not doing so?

    1. Yaroslav

      Only with unlocked bootloader. If you could find needed ROM for your phone.

  10. Mahmoud

    I bought earlier this month my redmi 10 2022, when i first open it i been asked to install an update(12.5.26), that was the last day updating my phone, my friend have the same but he received the miui 13 update, i flashed it, i have some trouble in flash, i had to flash it to 12.5.16 , when i open it, it asked for the same version of rom


  11. CATIA

    Meu redmi 10 atualizou a versão e sumiu sinal de wifi e redes moveis. Me ajudem!

    1. catia

      atualizou (corrigindo)

  12. Pawel Walecki

    Personally I reckon that these explanations are loads of rubbish dear Yaroslav.
    Our Chinese friends are quite busy in other stuff then updating my Refmi 10 2022.
    Next time will buy Umidigi phone which far better and I know it by experience.
    Avoid Xiaomi….plenty of bloatware and other rubbish

    1. Yaroslav

      There is some truth in your words. Xiaomi’s attitude to the updates is really not so good. But there are some issues, that makes these phones better, than Umidigi, for example.

  13. Dayashankar Pratap

    i have Xiaomi 11 Lite NE 5G Are, MIUI 14 came up but disappeared after some time,

    1. Yaroslav

      You need to wait.

  14. Yoe

    My Redmi 9A code dandelion still not get update to MIUI V12.5.1 global… I stuck in MIUI V12.0.20 global

    1. Yaroslav

      Try to install needed ROM via Fastboot, if you can find it.

  15. Di Di Naing Oo

    I used Redmi 9a for about two years but when I changed India global rom,my MIUI version is still on, it never over come more update for me or us. Why?
    Such we are not Redmi user.Why global version is always late of update. I’m so angry in it.Suck!

    1. Yaroslav

      Yes, global updates are too slow instaed of ROMs for other regions. But the schedule is making by Xiaomi. We can’t do anything.

  16. Batman

    Switching to Indonesia worked a treat on my EU Mi12T Pro – immediate Miui14 update OTA (unlike in UK when nothing showing and no response from Xi’ UK to an enquiry about this update 3 weeks ago). Easy switch back to UK following update. Well worth doing – quicker and more responsive + can delete a few more of those bloatware Xiaomi Apps. Plus better memory usage from outset.

  17. Henry Aryee

    I am using redmi k50pro and as at now I have not received miui14 and Android 13 update on it

    1. Yaroslav

      It’s not a time yet.

  18. Sal

    Saya pakai POCO C40 tapi belum ada pembaruan sama sekali di Indonesia
    Kapan MIUI resmi rilis di Indonesia dan kenapa saya tidak mendapatkan MIUI 14

    1. Pavel author

      Is this a joke? Have you read the article? It has the answers to your questions.