Mi Router R2D ROM Update

Mi Router R2D

Stable firmware for Mi Router R2D (codename R2D) is downloaded for free from the official Xiaomi website — miwifi.com. We don’t make any changes to the original links, and we don’t keep the flash files and updates. This is stock ROMs.

You can download the latest version 2.24.11 and new updates for the Wi-Fi router below.

China 2.24.11

Latest version of the stable Chinese firmware for Mi Router R2D by Xiaomi.

2.24.11 ROM

Release date
File size
37.49 MB
Official Link
Download (.bin)

Read the reviews on the 4PDA or XDA Developers websites before installing new software updates. If you downloaded the flash file or latest update, installed and encountered operation problems, please write about it in the comment section.

Mi Router R2D The router is no longer supported. It does not receive software updates and new firmware from Xiaomi, and known security vulnerabilities are not fixed.

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