Redmi Router AX6S ROM Update

Redmi Router AX6S

Stable firmware for Redmi Router AX6S (codename RB03) is downloaded for free from the official Xiaomi website — We don’t make any changes to the original links, and we don’t keep the flash files and updates. This is stock ROMs.

You can download the latest version 1.0.57 and new updates for the Wi-Fi router below.

China 1.0.57

Latest version of the stable Chinese firmware for Redmi Router AX6S by Xiaomi.

1.0.57 ROM

Release date
File size
18.74 MB
Official Link
Download (.bin)
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Read the reviews on the 4PDA or XDA Developers websites before installing new software updates. If you downloaded the flash file or latest update, installed and encountered operation problems, please write about it in the comment section.

What IP address does Redmi Router AX6S have?

Mi router IP address is The internal administration interface Redmi Router AX6S is also available at

How to reset Redmi Router AX6S?

Press and hold the Reset button on the back of the router for 8 seconds. Resetting will not erase any personal data on the hard disk, but will reset all configuration information Redmi Router AX6S, including password.
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  1. Luc

    Hello there,
    I bought this routeur and can’t find any way to change the language from Chinese to English … anybody knows about a way ? Or am i stuck with a Chinese interface ?

    1. Yaroslav

      I’m afraid, that you must install special ROM with English language. Try to find it at XDA, for example.

      1. lior


        what do you mean XDA?

        can you send url?

        Best Regards

  2. mikulin

    Get the Google translate app for your mobilephone then use the phone’s camera with the app to view a live translation of any foreign language and alphabet. Hope this helps.