POCO Android 12 updates

The release of official Android 12 updates for POCO smartphones and tablets is tracked daily and tabulated on this page.

These POCO phones will get the Android 12:

POCO C50Releasen/aReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleasen/an/a
POCO F2 ProReleasen/an/aReleaseReleaseReleasen/aReleasen/a
POCO F3Releasen/an/aReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleasen/a
POCO F3 GTn/an/aReleasen/an/an/an/an/an/a
POCO F4Releasen/aReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleasen/a
POCO F4 GTReleasen/an/aReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleasen/a
POCO M2 Pron/an/aReleasen/an/an/an/an/an/a
POCO M3 Pron/an/an/an/an/aReleasen/an/an/a
POCO M3 Pro 5Gn/an/aReleasen/an/an/an/an/an/a
POCO M4 5GReleasen/aReleasen/aReleasen/aReleasen/an/a
POCO M4 Pro 4GReleasen/aReleaseReleasen/aReleaseReleaseReleasen/a
POCO M4 Pro 5GReleasen/an/an/aReleaseReleaseReleaseReleasen/a
POCO M5Releasen/aReleasen/aReleaseReleaseReleaseReleasen/a
POCO M5SReleasen/an/an/aReleaseReleaseReleasen/an/a
POCO X3n/an/aReleasen/an/an/an/an/an/a
POCO X3 GTReleasen/an/aReleasen/an/an/aReleasen/a
POCO X3 NFCReleasen/an/aReleaseReleaseReleasen/aReleasen/a
POCO X3 ProReleasen/aReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleasen/a
POCO X4 GTReleasen/an/an/aReleaseReleaseReleaseReleasen/a
POCO X4 Pro 5GReleasen/aReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleasen/a

Definitions in the chart:

  • Release — the MIUI officially and stably updated the Android 12 phone. You can download it using this link and the model name.
  • Pilot — stable beta version operating system for testers has been released. An update for the rest of the users will come out soon.
  • Public Beta — the firmware is being developed, and it is at the public beta-version stage.
  • n/a — there is no reliable data available on the smartphone update, and it may not become available any time soon.

If you can’t find your phone in the chart, we do not have any information about plans to update it.

We don’t know for sure when a particular POCO phone will receive the Android 12 update. Xiaomi developers do not share the release dates of updates, but we publish and regularly update all the available release information on this page.

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  1. ANewPocoUser

    Bought the poco x4 pro 5g a couple months ago Any news about the android 12 update for this phone?

    Older Phones and the new Poco M4 already recieved the update according to multiple sources but what about the x4 pro?

    1. Yaroslav

      There’s no news yet.

  2. Xiaomi

    Poco x4 pro not yet?

    1. Deepak Pradhan

      Poco x4pro5g is a bad phone all problems display black and sound problem and Android 12 update not received poco company is very bad company 😥

  3. Birkhang baro

    Poco m4pro 5g already received the update Android 12
    But poco x4 pro…,..????

  4. Andy Cameron

    X4 pro 5G not on Android 12, but phone says it will get 12 and 13???? Why sooo slow?

    1. Yaroslav

      Because it’s Xiaomi))) May be you need to wait for the next wave of update.

  5. Poco please answer the community

    I bought the POCO X4 pro 5G last summer and realised it’s running Android 11. Sadly the app that I used daily on my last phone doesn’t run on android 11 so I was thinking about returning the phone to get one with Android 12. I didn’t because a lot of phones already had the android 12 update so it probably wouldn’t take long for this phone to update. I was so wrong! Just updated to EEA 13.0.10 today and still no Android 12 and I still can’t use that app one my new phone.

    I’m lost about what to do! Where can we file a complaint to POCO or XIAOMI because this is ridiculous…

    1. Pavel author

      The POCO X4 Pro 5G will be upgraded to Android 12 and later get Android 13. When this will happen, Xiaomi does not say. You can complain on the Mi Community forum, but it will not affect the speed of Android 12 release.

      You can download and install Android 12 based firmware.

      1. Poco please answer the community

        Thanks for the fast reply,
        I can imagine they will not speed up the Android 12 release date after my complain, though it would be nice if they would give us at least an estimate of when the Android 12 update will be coming. If it will take a lot longer I will probably have to change phone.

        The link you gave me only has one Indonesian ROM which is running Android 12 I think. Won’t installing that mess up my phone?

        1. Pavel author

          For Europe, Android 12 is already out. On our site sorting of ROM display is confused, the programmer will fix it soon. The latest update for EEA is MIUI You can download it at my link below, in the old firmware section 🙂

          1. Poco please answer the community

            Thanks again! So you are saying that the update numbered “” is a newer update than the “” that I’m running right now?

            1. Pavel author

              Yes, look at the release date of MIUI (2022-10-26) and (2022-08-29). The letter S in the firmware number is the Android 12, R — Android 11. The sorting error will be fixed soon.

    2. Yaroslav

      Your app works only on Android 12? If you’re interesyed, you can instakll custom ROM with Android 12 on your phone.

  6. Eltaf

    Why my Poco x4 pro 5g can’t update android 12 EEU rom ?when OTA update come !

  7. Gunter

    Update EU version miui_VEUXEEAGlobal_V13.0.2.0.SKCEUXM_053304d97b_12.0 not working on my device: ‘Can’t verify update’, ‘Sorry, flash to this stable version is not allowed’

    1. Pavel author

      The reasons for this error are described here.

      1. Gunter

        Thanks for your reply. The error mentions the OTA upgrade, I’m trying to upgrade with the recovery ROM, since the OTA is not available.

        I get the error only when I try to update through the GUI: About Phone >> MIUI Version >> Choose update package.

        When I try upgrading with the instructions provided on this website: booting into recovery mode, with the recovery ROM renamed to update.zip, I never get the option to update in the recovery menu. I tried putting the recovery ROM on root SD and root internal memory, without success.