MIUI 14 Update Download

Xiaomi unveiled MIUI 14 for Xiaomi phones and tablets, Mi, Redmi and POCO, at a launch event on 11 December 2022. MIUI 14 release date for the Global market is 26 February 2023.

This is latest MIUI version in history. MIUI 15 has been replaced by HyperOS 1, which is the new operating system for Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO devices.

All global versions of MIUI 14 and builds for all other regions of the world are available. If your desired region is not listed below, then the MIUI 14 stable update has not been released for it.

These are the official MIUI 14 versions. All files are downloaded from Xiaomi’s servers directly.

You can download MIUI 14 as an OTA update, firmware Recovery ROM or Fastboot ROM. Not all models developers release all three ways of updating. This is a normal situation.

Download Indian or Global MIUI 14 Global for Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO from the links below. To download the update, select the ROM or OTA type.

MIUI 14 download for Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO phones:

MIUI 14 Global

DeviceMIUIAndroidRelease dateDownload link
POCO C6514.0.9.0.TGPMIXM132024-04-19Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi 13C14.0.9.0.TGPMIXM132024-04-19Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi 10C14.0.6.0.TGEMIXM132024-04-07Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X6 5G14.0.9.0.TNRMIXM132024-04-01Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 Pro14.0.9.0.TNRMIXM132024-04-01Recovery | Fastboot
POCO X4 GT14.0.8.0.TLOMIXM132024-03-21Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11T Pro14.0.8.0.TLOMIXM132024-03-21Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 NFC14.0.8.0.TNHMIXM132024-03-20Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus14.0.7.0.TNOMIXM132024-02-29Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Pad SE14.0.6.0.TMUMIXM132024-02-29Recovery | Fastboot
POCO X4 Pro 5G14.0.6.0.TKCMIXM132024-02-25Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G14.0.6.0.TKCMIXM132024-02-25Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO F414.0.6.0.TLMMIXM132024-02-23Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M6 Pro14.0.5.0.TNFMIXM132024-02-19Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 Pro 4G14.0.5.0.TNFMIXM132024-02-19Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X6 Neo 5G14.0.3.0.TNQMIXM132024-02-18Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 5G14.0.3.0.TNQMIXM132024-02-18Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13 Lite14.0.6.0.TLLMIXM132024-02-18Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi Civi | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 1314.0.7.0.TNGMIXM132024-02-09Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11S 5G14.0.5.0.TGLMIXM132024-01-25Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 1214.0.8.0.TLCMIXM132024-01-22Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad 514.0.8.0.TKXMIXM132024-01-22Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 NFC14.0.6.0.TGKMIXM132024-01-11Recovery | Fastboot
Mi 11 Lite 5G14.0.7.0.TKIMIXM132024-01-11Recovery | Fastboot
POCO M4 Pro 4G14.0.6.0.TKEMIXM132024-01-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11S14.0.6.0.TKEMIXM132024-01-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE14.0.7.0.TKOMIXM132024-01-08Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M4 5G14.0.8.0.TLSMIXM132023-12-29Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi 10 5G14.0.8.0.TLSMIXM132023-12-29Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12T Pro14.0.5.0.TLFMIXM132023-12-28Recovery | OTA
Xiaomi 11T Pro14.0.5.0.TKDMIXM132023-12-26Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M5S14.0.8.0.TFFMIXM132023-12-25Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Pad14.0.4.0.TLYMIXM132023-12-20Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus 5G14.0.8.0.TKTMIXM132023-12-19Recovery | Fastboot
POCO F514.0.8.0.TMRMIXM132023-12-18Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO C5514.0.7.0.TCVMIXM132023-12-18Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 12C14.0.7.0.TCVMIXM132023-12-18Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M6 Pro 5G14.0.4.0.TMWMIXM132023-12-16Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi 12 5G14.0.4.0.TMWMIXM132023-12-16Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12S14.0.9.0.THZMIXM132023-12-16Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 1114.0.5.0.TGCMIXM132023-12-14Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 10 202214.0.6.0.TKUMIXM132023-12-12Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 1014.0.6.0.TKUMIXM132023-12-12Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 Pro 4G14.0.5.0.TGDMIXM132023-12-08Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X3 GT14.0.5.0.TKPMIXM132023-12-05Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO F4 GT14.0.5.0.TLJMIXM132023-12-04Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12X14.0.5.0.TLDMIXM132023-12-04Recovery
Redmi Note 12 Pro 4G14.0.5.0.THGMIXM132023-11-28Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12 Lite14.0.8.0.TLIMIXM132023-11-24Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 5G14.0.6.0.TMQMIXM132023-11-23Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 10S14.0.8.0.TKLMIXM132023-11-23Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 4G NFC14.0.8.0.TMGMIXM132023-11-22Recovery | Fastboot
Mi 1114.0.7.0.TKBMIXM132023-11-22Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M514.0.9.0.TLUMIXM132023-11-19Recovery | Fastboot
POCO X5 5G14.0.6.0.TMPMIXM132023-11-17Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13T14.0.6.0.TMFMIXM132023-11-15Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 9T14.0.4.0.SJEMIXM122023-11-13Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13T Pro14.0.9.0.TMLMIXM132023-11-06Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 10 Pro14.0.8.0.TKFMIXM132023-11-06Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO F5 Pro14.0.6.0.TMNMIXM132023-11-06Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13 Ultra14.0.5.0.TMAMIXM132023-11-04Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 11 Lite 4G14.0.4.0.TKQMIXM132023-11-03Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12T14.0.7.0.ULQMIXM142023-10-30Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 1014.0.8.0.SKGMIXM122023-10-27Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 11i14.0.7.0.TKKMIXM132023-10-24Recovery | OTA
Xiaomi 12 Pro14.0.9.0.TLBMIXM132023-10-24Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 11T14.0.6.0.TKWMIXM132023-10-17Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M3 Pro14.0.6.0.TKSMIXM132023-10-11Recovery | OTA
Redmi Note 10 5G14.0.6.0.TKSMIXM132023-10-11Recovery | OTA
Redmi Note 8 202114.0.6.0.TCUMIXM132023-09-23Recovery | OTA
POCO F314.0.8.0.TKHMIXM132023-09-19Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 11 Ultra14.0.5.0.TKAMIXM132023-09-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad 614.0.8.0.TMZMIXM132023-09-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M4 Pro 5G14.0.2.0.TGBMIXM132023-09-07Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 1214.0.9.0.TMXMIXM132023-09-06Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 1314.0.9.0.TMCMIXM132023-08-29Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 Pro14.0.8.0.SMOMIXM122023-08-01Fastboot
POCO X3 NFC14.0.2.0.SJGMIXM122023-07-28Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 10T / Mi 10T Pro14.0.4.0.SJDMIXM122023-07-25Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi 9T14.0.5.0.SJQMIXM122023-07-21Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 9S14.0.4.0.SJWMIXM122023-06-28Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 4G14.0.9.0.TMTMIXM132023-06-10Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X5 Pro 5G14.0.9.0.SMSMIXM122023-06-09Recovery | Fastboot
Mi 10 Pro14.0.5.0.TJAMIXM132023-05-29Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 1014.0.5.0.TJBMIXM132023-05-29Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X3 Pro14.0.3.0.TJUMIXM132023-05-22Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 10T Lite14.0.2.0.SJSMIXM122023-05-18Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13 Pro14.0.9.0.TMBMIXM132023-05-01Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M314.0.2.0.SJFMIXM122023-04-10Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 9 Pro14.0.3.0.SJZMIXM122023-03-30Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO F2 Pro14.0.1.0.SJKMIXM122023-03-27Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi A214.0.9.0.TGOMIXM132023-03-24Recovery | OTA
POCO C5114.0.9.0.TGOMIXM132023-03-24Recovery | OTA

MIUI 14 China

DeviceMIUIAndroidRelease dateDownload link
Redmi Pad SE14.0.9.0.TMUCNXM132024-02-02Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13R Pro14.0.8.0.TNQCNXM132024-01-28Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 5G14.0.8.0.TNQCNXM132024-01-28Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus14.0.9.0.TNOCNXM132024-01-17Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi K40 Pro / Pro Plus14.0.8.0.TKKCNXM132024-01-12Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi 10 202214.0.4.0.TKUCNXM132024-01-11Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi 1014.0.4.0.TKUCNXM132024-01-11Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi K40S14.0.9.0.TLMCNXM132024-01-02Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 13C 5G14.0.5.0.TGQCNXM132023-12-29Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 13R 5G14.0.5.0.TGQCNXM132023-12-29Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11E Pro14.0.5.0.TKCCNXM132023-12-28Recovery | OTA
Redmi K60E14.0.6.0.TMMCNXM132023-12-19Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11T Pro14.0.7.0.TLOCNXM132023-12-18Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 5G14.0.4.0.TGBCNXM132023-12-17Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 Pro / Pro Plus14.0.8.0.TKTCNXM132023-12-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi MIX Fold14.0.4.0.TJTCNXM132023-12-11Recovery
Redmi Note 12 Pro Speed14.0.6.0.TMSCNXM132023-12-09Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi MIX 414.0.8.0.TKMCNXM132023-12-08Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11E14.0.9.0.TLSCNXM132023-12-02Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12R14.0.8.0.TMWCNXM132023-11-27Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi K40 Gaming14.0.5.0.TKJCNXM132023-11-20Recovery
Redmi 12C14.0.4.0.TCVCNXM132023-11-17Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G14.0.8.0.TKPCNXM132023-11-17Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad 514.0.7.0.TKXCNXM132023-11-11Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12T Pro14.0.9.0.TLHCNXM132023-11-10Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Pad14.0.8.0.TLYCNXM132023-11-06Recovery | OTA
Redmi K60 Pro14.0.25.0.TMKCNXM132023-11-04Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 1214.0.8.0.TLCCNXM132023-11-02Recovery | OTA
Redmi Note 9 5G14.0.6.0.SJECNXM122023-10-25Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12R Pro14.0.9.0.TMQCNXM132023-10-24Recovery | OTA
Redmi Note 12 5G14.0.9.0.TMQCNXM132023-10-24Recovery | OTA
Redmi Note 11R14.0.8.0.TLSCNXM132023-10-23Recovery | OTA
Redmi K5014.0.8.0.TLNCNXM132023-10-19Recovery | OTA
Redmi K4014.0.8.0.TKHCNXM132023-10-18Recovery | OTA
Xiaomi Civi 1S14.0.6.0.TLPCNXM132023-10-18Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro Wi-Fi14.0.5.0.TKYCNXM132023-10-12Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 5G14.0.4.0.TKZCNXM132023-10-12Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 Pro14.0.9.0.TNRCNXM132023-09-25Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi Civi14.0.6.0.TKVCNXM132023-09-23Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad 6 Max 1414.0.6.0.TMHCNXM132023-09-22Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 Discovery14.0.9.0.SMOCNXM122023-09-20Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 Pro14.0.9.0.SMOCNXM122023-09-20Recovery | Fastboot
Mi 10 Pro14.0.4.0.TJACNXM132023-09-18Recovery | OTA
Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro14.0.9.0.TMYCNXM132023-09-17Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi MIX Fold 314.1.9.0.TMVCNXM132023-09-13Fastboot
Mi 10S14.0.6.0.TGACNXM132023-09-12Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 1014.0.4.0.TJBCNXM132023-09-07Recovery | OTA
Redmi K60 Ultra14.0.9.0.TMLCNXM132023-08-28Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad 614.0.7.0.TMZCNXM132023-08-24Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12 Pro Dimensity14.0.9.0.TLGCNXM132023-08-21Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi K6014.0.26.0.TMNCNXM132023-07-21Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi K30 Ultra14.0.5.0.SJNCNXM122023-07-19Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi Civi 314.0.9.0.TMICNXM132023-07-15Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12S14.0.9.0.TLTCNXM132023-07-10Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12S Pro14.0.9.0.TLECNXM132023-07-10Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 12.414.0.9.0.TLZCNXM132023-06-15Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 10 Ultra14.0.2.0.TJJCNXM132023-06-14Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 11 Pro / Ultra14.0.9.0.TKACNXM132023-05-29Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 4G14.0.2.0.TKUCNXM132023-05-24Recovery
Redmi K50 Ultra14.0.9.1.TLFCNXM132023-05-17Recovery | Fastboot
Mi 11 LE14.0.8.0.TKOCNXM132023-05-12Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi K30 Pro14.0.5.0.SJKCNXM122023-05-12Recovery
Mi 11 Lite 5G14.0.9.0.TKICNXM132023-05-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 1114.0.9.0.TKBCNXM132023-04-20Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13 Ultra14.0.8.0.TMACNXM132023-04-19Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi MIX Fold | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi K50G14.0.9.0.TLJCNXM132023-04-06Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12X14.0.9.0.TLDCNXM132023-04-03Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 Turbo14.0.5.0.TMRCNXM132023-03-29Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G14.0.2.0.SJSCNXM122023-03-24Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11SE14.0.2.0.TKSCNXM132023-03-20Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 10 5G14.0.2.0.TKSCNXM132023-03-20Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi K30S Ultra14.0.5.0.SJDCNXM122023-03-08Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 9 4G14.0.2.0.SJQCNXM122023-03-07Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi Civi | Fastboot
Redmi K50 Pro14.0.9.0.TLKCNXM132023-01-17Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12 Pro14.0.8.0.TLBCNXM132023-01-16Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12S Ultra14.0.5.0.TLACNXM132023-01-15Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13 Pro14.0.8.0.TMBCNXM132022-12-17Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 1314.0.9.0.TMCCNXM132022-12-15Recovery | Fastboot

MIUI 14 Russia

DeviceMIUIAndroidRelease dateDownload link
POCO X4 GT14.0.7.0.TLORUXM132024-04-08Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11T Pro14.0.7.0.TLORUXM132024-04-08Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 8 202114.0.6.0.TCURUXM132024-04-08Recovery
POCO X4 Pro 5G14.0.4.0.TKCRUXM132024-03-21Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G14.0.4.0.TKCRUXM132024-03-21Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M4 Pro 4G14.0.6.0.TKERUXM132024-03-15Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11S14.0.6.0.TKERUXM132024-03-15Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Pad SE14.0.6.0.TMURUXM132024-03-07Recovery | Fastboot
POCO X6 5G14.0.4.0.TNRRUXM132024-03-05Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 Pro14.0.4.0.TNRRUXM132024-03-05Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 NFC14.0.7.0.TGKRUXM132024-03-04Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 NFC14.0.6.0.TNHRUXM132024-02-27Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO C6514.0.4.0.TGPRUXM132024-02-22Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 13C14.0.4.0.TGPRUXM132024-02-22Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus14.0.2.0.TNORUXM132024-02-18Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13 Lite14.0.5.0.TLLRUXM132024-02-18Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi Civi | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 10C14.0.4.0.TGERUXM132024-02-18Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M6 Pro14.0.5.0.TNFRUXM132024-02-09Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 Pro 4G14.0.5.0.TNFRUXM132024-02-09Recovery | Fastboot
POCO M5S14.0.6.0.TFFRUXM132024-02-04Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad 514.0.7.0.TKXRUXM132024-01-29Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad 614.0.8.0.TMZRUXM132024-01-25Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 Pro 4G14.0.6.0.TGDRUXM132024-01-15Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 1214.0.5.0.TLCRUXM132024-01-12Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 11 Lite 5G14.0.6.0.TKIRUXM132024-01-08Recovery
Redmi Pad14.0.3.0.TLYRUXM132024-01-03Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE14.0.6.0.TKORUXM132024-01-02Recovery | OTA
Xiaomi 12T Pro14.0.6.0.TLFRUXM132023-12-28Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13T Pro14.0.5.0.TMLRUXM132023-12-18Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M514.0.5.0.TLURUXM132023-12-14Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO C5514.0.3.0.TCVRUXM132023-12-11Recovery | OTA
Redmi 12C14.0.3.0.TCVRUXM132023-12-11Recovery | OTA
POCO F414.0.6.0.TLMRUXM132023-12-11Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12X14.0.4.0.TLDRUXM132023-12-08Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12 Pro14.0.5.0.TLBRUXM132023-12-07Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 1014.0.6.0.SKGRUXM122023-12-04Recovery | OTA
Redmi Note 12 Pro 4G14.0.3.0.THGRUXM132023-11-28Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X5 5G14.0.5.0.TMPRUXM132023-11-25Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12 Lite14.0.8.0.TLIRUXM132023-11-24Fastboot
Xiaomi 11T14.0.4.0.TKWRUXM132023-11-17Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 4G NFC14.0.8.0.TMGRUXM132023-11-14Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO F514.0.6.0.TMRRUXM132023-10-24Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13 Ultra14.0.5.0.TMARUXM132023-10-23Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12S14.0.4.0.THZRUXM132023-10-20Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M4 5G14.0.3.0.TLSRUXM132023-10-16Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 10 5G14.0.3.0.TLSRUXM132023-10-16Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 1214.0.9.0.TMXRUXM132023-10-15Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 10 202214.0.2.0.TKURUXM132023-10-13Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 1014.0.2.0.TKURUXM132023-10-13Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13T14.0.3.0.TMFRUXM132023-09-30Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 10S14.0.3.0.TKLRUXM132023-09-23Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO F314.0.3.0.TKHRUXM132023-09-16Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 1114.0.4.0.TKBRUXM132023-09-12Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M4 Pro 5G14.0.3.0.TGBRUXM132023-09-08Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus 5G14.0.3.0.TKTRUXM132023-09-04Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO C5114.0.7.0.TGORUXM132023-08-23Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi A214.0.7.0.TGORUXM132023-08-23Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12T14.0.4.0.TLQRUXM132023-08-23Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 10 Pro14.0.2.0.TKFRUXM132023-08-21Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 Pro14.0.6.0.SMORUXM122023-08-14Fastboot
Mi 11 Lite 4G14.0.2.0.TKQRUXM132023-08-12Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO F5 Pro14.0.4.0.TMNRUXM132023-08-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X3 NFC14.0.2.0.SJGRUXM122023-07-25Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 11T Pro14.0.4.0.TKDRUXM132023-07-14Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M3 Pro14.0.5.0.TKSRUXM132023-07-10Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 10 5G14.0.5.0.TKSRUXM132023-07-10Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO F4 GT14.0.2.0.TLJRUXM132023-07-10Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11S 5G14.0.1.0.TGLRUXM132023-06-06Recovery | Fastboot
Mi 1014.0.3.0.TJBRUXM132023-06-04Recovery
Xiaomi 1314.0.6.0.TMCRUXM132023-05-25Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13 Pro14.0.6.0.TMBRUXM132023-05-22Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 9T14.0.2.0.SJERUXM122023-05-22Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 9T14.0.2.0.SJQRUXM122023-05-16Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M314.0.1.0.SJFRUXM122023-05-15Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 9 Pro14.0.1.0.SJZRUXM122023-05-05Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 9S14.0.1.0.SJWRUXM122023-05-04Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X5 Pro 5G14.0.8.0.SMSRUXM122023-04-24Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 10T / Mi 10T Pro14.0.1.0.SJDRUXM122023-04-10Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO F2 Pro14.0.1.0.SJKRUXM122023-04-09Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X3 Pro14.0.1.0.TJURUXM132023-03-13Recovery | Fastboot

MIUI 14 Europe

DeviceMIUIAndroidRelease dateDownload link
Redmi 13C 5G14.0.1.0.TGQEUXM132024-04-12Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi 13R 5G14.0.1.0.TGQEUXM132024-04-12Recovery | Fastboot
POCO C6514.0.9.0.TGPEUXM132024-04-11Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi 13C14.0.9.0.TGPEUXM132024-04-11Recovery | Fastboot
POCO X4 GT14.0.7.0.TLOEUXM132024-04-08Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11T Pro14.0.7.0.TLOEUXM132024-04-08Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 NFC14.0.7.0.TGKEUXM132024-03-28Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus14.0.7.0.TNOEUXM132024-03-19Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi 10C14.0.6.0.TGEEUXM132024-03-18Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X6 5G14.0.8.0.TNREUXM132024-03-07Recovery | OTA
Redmi Note 13 Pro14.0.8.0.TNREUXM132024-03-07Recovery | OTA
Redmi Pad SE14.0.6.0.TMUEUXM132024-03-04Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 NFC14.0.6.0.TNHEUXM132024-03-01Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X4 Pro 5G14.0.9.0.TKCEUXM132024-02-27Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G14.0.9.0.TKCEUXM132024-02-27Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M6 Pro14.0.5.0.TNFEUXM132024-02-19Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 Pro 4G14.0.5.0.TNFEUXM132024-02-19Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus 5G14.0.9.0.TKTEUXM132024-02-18Recovery | OTA
POCO M4 5G14.0.9.0.TLSEUXM132024-02-18Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 10 5G14.0.9.0.TLSEUXM132024-02-18Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X6 Neo 5G14.0.6.0.TNQEUXM132024-01-30Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 5G14.0.6.0.TNQEUXM132024-01-30Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad 514.0.9.0.TKXEUXM132024-01-29Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO C5514.0.8.0.TCVEUXM132024-01-25Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 12C14.0.8.0.TCVEUXM132024-01-25Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M4 Pro 4G14.0.6.0.TKEEUXM132024-01-19Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11S14.0.6.0.TKEEUXM132024-01-19Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M5S14.0.3.0.TFFEUXM132024-01-15Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 11 Ultra14.0.7.0.TKAEUXM132024-01-02Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 11 Lite 5G14.0.9.0.TKIEUXM132023-12-29Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 Pro 4G14.0.5.0.TGDEUXM132023-12-23Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Pad14.0.5.0.TLYEUXM132023-12-20Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 11i14.0.7.0.TKKEUXM132023-12-19Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 10 Pro14.0.9.0.TKFEUXM132023-12-18Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M6 Pro 5G14.0.9.0.TMWEUXM132023-12-18Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi 12 5G14.0.9.0.TMWEUXM132023-12-18Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 1014.0.6.0.SKGEUXM122023-12-15Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 10 202214.0.8.0.TKUEUXM132023-12-12Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 1014.0.8.0.TKUEUXM132023-12-12Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 1114.0.7.0.TKBEUXM132023-12-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12X14.0.4.0.TLDEUXM132023-12-11Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13T Pro14.0.16.0.TMLEUXM132023-12-10Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 Pro 4G14.0.3.0.THGEUXM132023-12-04Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 8 202114.0.5.0.TCUEUXM132023-12-04Recovery
POCO M4 Pro 5G14.0.4.0.TGBEUXM132023-11-16Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO F4 GT14.0.7.0.TLJEUXM132023-11-15Recovery
Redmi Note 9T14.0.4.0.SJEEUXM122023-11-13Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 11 Lite 4G14.0.3.0.TKQEUXM132023-11-10Recovery | OTA
Xiaomi 1314.0.6.0.UMCEUXM142023-10-31Recovery
Xiaomi 13 Pro14.0.6.0.UMBEUXM142023-10-31Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 Pro14.0.8.0.TMOEUXM132023-10-24Recovery | OTA
Xiaomi 13 Ultra14.0.6.0.TMAEUXM132023-10-20Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12S14.0.4.0.THZEUXM132023-10-20Recovery | OTA
Xiaomi 11T14.0.6.0.TKWEUXM132023-10-17Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 10S14.0.7.0.TKLEUXM132023-10-16Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13 Lite14.0.9.0.TLLEUXM132023-10-12Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi Civi | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M3 Pro14.0.4.0.TKSEUXM132023-10-11Recovery | OTA
Redmi Note 10 5G14.0.4.0.TKSEUXM132023-10-11Recovery | OTA
Redmi 1214.0.9.0.TMXEUXM132023-09-30Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13T14.0.9.0.TMFEUXM132023-09-26Recovery
POCO F514.0.9.0.TMREUXM132023-09-19Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad 614.0.7.0.TMZEUXM132023-09-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE14.0.9.0.TKOEUXM132023-09-11Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11S 5G14.0.4.0.TGLEUXM132023-09-08Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X5 5G14.0.3.0.TMPEUXM132023-08-31Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X3 NFC14.0.5.0.SJGEUXM122023-08-21Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 9 Pro14.0.5.0.SJZEUXM122023-08-14Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO F5 Pro14.0.7.0.TMNEUXM132023-08-08Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO C5114.0.9.0.TGOEUXM132023-07-27Recovery
Redmi A214.0.9.0.TGOEUXM132023-07-27Recovery
Mi 10T / Mi 10T Pro14.0.3.0.SJDEUXM122023-07-25Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi 9T14.0.5.0.SJQEUXM122023-07-21Recovery | Fastboot
Mi 10T Lite14.0.4.0.SJSEUXM122023-07-10Recovery | Fastboot
POCO F414.0.4.0.TLMEUXM132023-06-29Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO F314.0.9.0.TKHEUXM132023-06-14Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 4G NFC14.0.9.0.TMGEUXM132023-06-10Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 11T Pro14.0.9.0.TKDEUXM132023-06-06Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X5 Pro 5G14.0.8.0.SMSEUXM122023-06-05Recovery | Fastboot
Mi 10 Pro14.0.3.0.TJAEUXM132023-05-29Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 1214.0.9.0.TLCEUXM132023-05-29Recovery
Mi 1014.0.2.0.TJBEUXM132023-05-29Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M314.0.2.0.SJFEUXM122023-05-23Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12T14.0.8.0.TLQEUXM132023-05-16Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 5G14.0.7.0.SMQEUXM122023-05-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 9S14.0.4.0.SJWEUXM122023-04-23Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X3 Pro14.0.2.0.TJUEUXM132023-04-23Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12T Pro14.0.9.0.TLFEUXM132023-04-20Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12 Lite14.0.9.0.TLIEUXM132023-04-10Recovery | Fastboot
POCO M514.0.1.0.TLUEUXM132023-03-24Recovery | Fastboot
POCO F2 Pro14.0.1.0.SJKEUXM122023-03-16Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12 Pro14.0.8.0.TLBEUXM132023-03-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot

MIUI 14 Indonesia

DeviceMIUIAndroidRelease dateDownload link
POCO X4 Pro 5G14.0.5.0.TKCIDXM132024-03-21Recovery | OTA
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G14.0.5.0.TKCIDXM132024-03-21Recovery | OTA
Redmi Note 13 NFC14.0.5.0.TNHIDXM132024-03-07Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Pad SE14.0.6.0.TMUIDXM132024-03-07Recovery | Fastboot
POCO X6 5G14.0.4.0.TNRIDXM132024-03-05Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 Pro14.0.4.0.TNRIDXM132024-03-05Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus14.0.2.0.TNOIDXM132024-03-04Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 Pro 4G14.0.5.0.THGIDXM132024-02-26Recovery | OTA
POCO M4 Pro 4G14.0.7.0.TKEIDXM132024-02-24Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11S14.0.7.0.TKEIDXM132024-02-24Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M6 Pro14.0.5.0.TNFIDXM132024-02-23Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 Pro 4G14.0.5.0.TNFIDXM132024-02-23Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO C5114.0.7.0.TGOIDXM132024-02-21Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi A214.0.7.0.TGOIDXM132024-02-21Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO C6514.0.5.0.TGPIDXM132024-02-20Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 13C14.0.5.0.TGPIDXM132024-02-20Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X6 Neo 5G14.0.3.0.TNQIDXM132024-01-30Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 5G14.0.3.0.TNQIDXM132024-01-30Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M4 5G14.0.5.0.TLSIDXM132024-01-29Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 10 5G14.0.5.0.TLSIDXM132024-01-29Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 Pro 4G14.0.5.0.TGDIDXM132024-01-29Recovery | OTA
POCO X5 5G14.0.7.0.TMPIDXM132024-01-27Recovery | OTA
POCO M5S14.0.3.0.TFFIDXM132024-01-25Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 Pro14.0.5.0.TMOIDXM132024-01-22Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 1114.0.4.0.TKBIDXM132024-01-19Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 1214.0.5.0.TLCIDXM132024-01-12Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X5 Pro 5G14.0.4.0.TMSIDXM132024-01-11Recovery | OTA
Redmi 10C14.0.3.0.TGEIDXM132024-01-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X3 GT14.0.5.0.TKPIDXM132024-01-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 11T14.0.5.0.TKWIDXM132024-01-11Recovery | OTA
POCO F4 GT14.0.6.0.TLJIDXM132024-01-09Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO F414.0.9.0.TLMIDXM132024-01-09Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 NFC14.0.5.0.TGKIDXM132024-01-05Recovery
Xiaomi 12 Lite14.0.7.0.TLIIDXM132024-01-02Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 1214.0.6.0.TMXIDXM132023-12-30Recovery | OTA
Xiaomi 12 Pro14.0.6.0.TLBIDXM132023-12-28Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad 614.0.5.0.TMZIDXM132023-12-23Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Pad14.0.3.0.TLYIDXM132023-12-20Recovery
POCO C5514.0.4.0.TCVIDXM132023-12-18Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 12C14.0.4.0.TCVIDXM132023-12-18Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M514.0.6.0.TLUIDXM132023-12-14Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13T14.0.5.0.TMFIDXM132023-12-14Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 4G NFC14.0.8.0.TMGIDXM132023-11-22Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 1014.0.6.0.SKGIDXM122023-11-07Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO F514.0.6.0.TMRIDXM132023-11-03Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 10 202214.0.4.0.TKUIDXM132023-10-19Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 1014.0.4.0.TKUIDXM132023-10-19Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO F314.0.4.0.TKHIDXM132023-10-07Recovery | OTA
POCO M3 Pro14.0.6.0.TKSIDXM132023-09-14Recovery | OTA
Redmi Note 10 5G14.0.6.0.TKSIDXM132023-09-14Recovery | OTA
Xiaomi 11T Pro14.0.4.0.TKDIDXM132023-09-13Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 10S14.0.3.0.TKLIDXM132023-09-13Recovery | OTA
Mi 11 Ultra14.0.3.0.TKAIDXM132023-09-06Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12T14.0.5.0.TLQIDXM132023-08-18Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X3 NFC14.0.2.0.SJGIDXM122023-07-25Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 1014.0.3.0.TJBIDXM132023-06-24Recovery | OTA
POCO M314.0.2.0.SJFIDXM122023-05-12Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 9T14.0.2.0.SJQIDXM122023-05-09Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 11 Lite 4G14.0.3.0.TKQIDXM132023-05-06Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 10T / Mi 10T Pro14.0.1.0.SJDIDXM122023-04-17Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 10 Pro14.0.2.0.TKFIDXM132023-04-06Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 9 Pro14.0.1.0.SJZIDXM122023-04-03Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO F2 Pro14.0.1.0.SJKIDXM122023-04-02Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X3 Pro14.0.3.0.TJUIDXM132023-03-13Recovery | Fastboot

MIUI 14 Taiwan

DeviceMIUIAndroidRelease dateDownload link
Redmi 10C14.0.4.0.TGETWXM132024-04-15Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 NFC14.0.4.0.TNHTWXM132024-03-15Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO C5114.0.4.0.TGOTWXM132024-03-08Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi A214.0.4.0.TGOTWXM132024-03-08Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Pad SE14.0.5.0.TMUTWXM132024-03-07Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M5S14.0.3.0.TFFTWXM132024-03-04Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X4 GT14.0.6.0.TLOTWXM132024-02-26Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11T Pro14.0.6.0.TLOTWXM132024-02-26Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO C6514.0.3.0.TGPTWXM132024-02-19Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 13C14.0.3.0.TGPTWXM132024-02-19Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 11 Lite 5G14.0.6.0.TKITWXM132024-02-18Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X4 Pro 5G14.0.5.0.TKCTWXM132024-02-04Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G14.0.5.0.TKCTWXM132024-02-04Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X6 Neo 5G14.0.2.0.TNQTWXM132024-02-02Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 5G14.0.2.0.TNQTWXM132024-02-02Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus14.0.2.0.TNOTWXM132024-01-24Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X6 5G14.0.2.0.TNRTWXM132024-01-23Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 Pro14.0.2.0.TNRTWXM132024-01-23Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12X14.0.7.0.TLDTWXM132024-01-22Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 1214.0.5.0.TLCTWXM132024-01-12Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12 Pro14.0.5.0.TLBTWXM132024-01-12Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad 514.0.4.0.TKXTWXM132024-01-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Pad14.0.6.0.TLYTWXM132024-01-04Recovery | OTA
Xiaomi 12T Pro14.0.6.0.TLFTWXM132023-12-28Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 10 202214.0.2.0.TKUTWXM132023-12-28Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 1014.0.2.0.TKUTWXM132023-12-28Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO F414.0.5.0.TLMTWXM132023-12-21Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 11T Pro14.0.4.0.TKDTWXM132023-12-18Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO F4 GT14.0.3.0.TLJTWXM132023-12-15Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12 Lite14.0.8.0.TLITWXM132023-12-12Recovery | OTA
POCO M6 Pro 5G14.0.3.0.TMWTWXM132023-12-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 12 5G14.0.3.0.TMWTWXM132023-12-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 10S14.0.2.0.TKLTWXM132023-12-11Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13T Pro14.0.9.0.TMLTWXM132023-12-10Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO F314.0.3.0.TKHTWXM132023-12-08Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus 5G14.0.5.0.TKTTWXM132023-12-08Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 10 Pro14.0.4.0.TKFTWXM132023-11-30Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13 Lite14.0.3.0.TLLTWXM132023-11-20Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi Civi | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 5G14.0.3.0.TMQTWXM132023-11-17Recovery | Fastboot
POCO C5514.0.3.0.TCVTWXM132023-11-16Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 12C14.0.3.0.TCVTWXM132023-11-16Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12S14.0.5.0.THZTWXM132023-11-15Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13T14.0.4.0.TMFTWXM132023-11-10Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13 Ultra14.0.6.0.TMATWXM132023-11-04Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad 614.0.4.0.TMZTWXM132023-11-03Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO F514.0.6.0.TMRTWXM132023-10-31Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 1114.0.4.0.TKBTWXM132023-10-24Recovery | OTA
POCO M4 5G14.0.3.0.TLSTWXM132023-10-18Recovery | OTA
Redmi 10 5G14.0.3.0.TLSTWXM132023-10-18Recovery | OTA
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE14.0.5.0.TKOTWXM132023-10-17Recovery | OTA
Redmi Note 9 Pro14.0.4.0.SJZTWXM122023-09-30Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 Pro14.0.3.0.SMOTWXM122023-09-20Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 11T14.0.5.0.TKWTWXM132023-09-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X5 5G14.0.3.0.TMPTWXM132023-08-31Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12T14.0.5.0.TLQTWXM132023-08-18Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO F5 Pro14.0.4.0.TMNTWXM132023-08-06Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M3 Pro14.0.3.0.TKSTWXM132023-07-10Recovery | OTA
Redmi Note 10 5G14.0.3.0.TKSTWXM132023-07-10Recovery | OTA
POCO M4 Pro 4G14.0.1.0.TKETWXM132023-07-10Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11S14.0.1.0.TKETWXM132023-07-10Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 Pro 4G14.0.2.0.TGDTWXM132023-06-24Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11S 5G14.0.1.0.TGLTWXM132023-06-23Recovery | Fastboot
POCO M4 Pro 5G14.0.1.0.TGBTWXM132023-06-23Recovery | Fastboot
POCO X5 Pro 5G14.0.5.0.SMSTWXM122023-06-09Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 9T14.0.2.0.SJETWXM122023-05-22Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 10T Lite14.0.1.0.SJSTWXM122023-05-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M314.0.2.0.SJFTWXM122023-05-09Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 9T14.0.2.0.SJQTWXM122023-05-09Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 1314.0.6.0.TMCTWXM132023-05-01Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13 Pro14.0.6.0.TMBTWXM132023-05-01Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 10T / Mi 10T Pro14.0.1.0.SJDTWXM122023-04-26Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M514.0.1.0.TLUTWXM132023-04-15Recovery | Fastboot
POCO X3 Pro14.0.2.0.TJUTWXM132023-03-26Recovery | Fastboot

MIUI 14 India

DeviceMIUIAndroidRelease dateDownload link
POCO C6514.0.5.0.TGPINXM132024-04-17Recovery | OTA
Redmi 13C14.0.5.0.TGPINXM132024-04-17Recovery | OTA
POCO X6 Neo 5G14.0.7.0.TNQINXM132024-04-13Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 5G14.0.7.0.TNQINXM132024-04-13Recovery | Fastboot
POCO X4 Pro 5G14.0.7.0.TKCINXM132024-03-21Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G14.0.7.0.TKCINXM132024-03-21Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 13R 5G14.0.8.0.TGQINXM132024-03-21Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 SE14.0.9.0.TKLINXM132024-03-21Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 10S14.0.9.0.TKLINXM132024-03-21Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 10C14.0.5.0.TGEINXM132024-02-26Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO F414.0.8.0.TLMINXM132024-02-23Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi K50i14.0.8.0.TLOINXM132024-02-18Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X6 5G14.0.4.0.TNRINXM132024-02-18Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 Pro14.0.4.0.TNRINXM132024-02-18Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 5G14.0.5.0.TMQINXM132024-01-26Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 Pro 4G14.0.4.0.TGDINXM132024-01-25Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 11 Prime 4G14.0.6.0.TLUINXM132024-01-24Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M514.0.6.0.TLUINXM132024-01-24Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus14.0.2.0.TNOINXM132024-01-19Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE14.0.8.0.TKOINXM132024-01-15Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M4 5G14.0.9.0.TLSINXM132024-01-11Recovery | OTA
Redmi 11 Prime 5G14.0.9.0.TLSINXM132024-01-11Recovery | OTA
Mi 11X Pro14.0.5.0.TKKINXM132024-01-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 1114.0.5.0.TGCINXM132024-01-05Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 1214.0.6.0.TMXINXM132024-01-02Recovery | OTA
POCO M4 Pro 4G14.0.6.0.TKEINXM132023-12-28Recovery | OTA
Redmi Note 11S14.0.6.0.TKEINXM132023-12-28Recovery | OTA
Xiaomi 12 Pro14.0.7.0.TLBINXM132023-12-28Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M6 Pro 5G14.0.7.0.TMWINXM132023-12-25Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 12 5G14.0.7.0.TMWINXM132023-12-25Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 Pro14.0.5.0.TMOINXM132023-12-21Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Pad14.0.3.0.TLYINXM132023-12-20Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge14.0.6.0.TKTINXM132023-12-19Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad 614.0.7.0.TMZINXM132023-12-18Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11T 5G14.0.4.0.TGBINXM132023-12-14Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 11T Pro14.0.7.0.TKDINXM132023-12-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 4G14.0.9.0.TMTINXM132023-12-04Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 1014.0.5.0.SKGINXM122023-11-28Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO C5514.0.4.0.TCVINXM132023-11-20Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 12C14.0.4.0.TCVINXM132023-11-20Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 11X14.0.5.0.TKHINXM132023-11-20Recovery | Fastboot
POCO X5 5G14.0.4.0.TMPINXM132023-11-17Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad 514.0.7.0.TKXINXM132023-11-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 11i 5G14.0.7.0.TKTINFK132023-10-31Recovery
POCO F514.0.6.0.TMRINXM132023-10-20Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 10 Prime14.0.7.0.TKUINXM132023-10-19Recovery | OTA
POCO F3 GT14.0.5.0.TKJINXM132023-10-19Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M3 Pro 5G14.0.6.0.TKSINXM132023-10-17Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 10T 5G14.0.6.0.TKSINXM132023-10-17Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 10 Lite14.0.6.0.SJWINRF122023-09-25Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO C5114.0.8.0.TGOINXM132023-08-23Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi A214.0.8.0.TGOINXM132023-08-23Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 11 Ultra14.0.3.0.TKAINXM132023-08-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13 Pro14.0.9.0.TMBINXM132023-07-30Recovery | OTA
POCO M2 Pro14.0.5.0.SJPINXM122023-07-24Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 10i14.0.3.0.SJSINXM122023-07-14Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X3 Pro14.0.2.0.TJUINXM132023-06-04Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 1014.0.6.0.TJBINXM132023-06-01Recovery | Fastboot
Mi 10T / Mi 10T Pro14.0.1.0.SJDINXM122023-05-22Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M314.0.2.0.SJFINXM122023-05-12Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 9 Pro Max14.0.2.0.SJXINXM122023-05-12Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 9 Power14.0.2.0.SJQINXM122023-05-07Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 9 Pro14.0.3.0.SJWINXM122023-05-05Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 11 Lite 4G14.0.2.0.TKQINXM132023-04-21Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 10 Pro / Pro Max14.0.1.0.TKFINXM132023-04-12Recovery | Fastboot
POCO X5 Pro 5G14.0.9.0.SMSINXM122023-04-10Recovery | OTA | Fastboot

MIUI 14 Turkey

DeviceMIUIAndroidRelease dateDownload link
POCO C6514.0.5.0.TGPTRXM132024-04-19Recovery | OTA
Redmi 13C14.0.5.0.TGPTRXM132024-04-19Recovery | OTA
Redmi 10C14.0.4.0.TGETRXM132024-04-07Recovery | OTA
Redmi Note 13 NFC14.0.7.0.TNHTRXM132024-03-12Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M6 Pro14.0.4.0.TNFTRXM132024-03-12Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 Pro 4G14.0.4.0.TNFTRXM132024-03-12Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Pad SE14.0.5.0.TMUTRXM132024-03-07Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus 5G14.0.6.0.TKTTRXM132024-03-04Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 1114.0.6.0.TGCTRXM132024-03-04Recovery | OTA
Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus14.0.2.0.TNOTRXM132024-02-29Recovery | Fastboot
POCO X4 Pro 5G14.0.3.0.TKCTRXM132024-02-04Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G14.0.3.0.TKCTRXM132024-02-04Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X6 Neo 5G14.0.2.0.TNQTRXM132024-02-02Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 5G14.0.2.0.TNQTRXM132024-02-02Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 Pro 4G14.0.4.0.TGDTRXM132024-01-29Recovery | OTA
Xiaomi 1214.0.5.0.TLCTRXM132024-01-29Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X4 GT14.0.5.0.TLOTRXM132024-01-29Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11T Pro14.0.5.0.TLOTRXM132024-01-29Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M5S14.0.2.0.TFFTRXM132024-01-26Recovery
POCO X6 5G14.0.2.0.TNRTRXM132024-01-23Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 13 Pro14.0.2.0.TNRTRXM132024-01-23Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO C5514.0.3.0.TCVTRXM132024-01-15Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 12C14.0.3.0.TCVTRXM132024-01-15Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad 514.0.5.0.TKXTRXM132024-01-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X3 GT14.0.4.0.TKPTRXM132024-01-03Recovery
Redmi Pad14.0.3.0.TLYTRXM132024-01-03Recovery | OTA
Xiaomi 11T14.0.4.0.TKWTRXM132024-01-03Recovery
Xiaomi 12 Lite14.0.7.0.TLITRXM132024-01-02Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 1214.0.5.0.TMXTRXM132023-12-30Recovery | OTA
Redmi Note 12 Pro 4G14.0.2.0.THGTRXM132023-12-26Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 4G14.0.8.0.TMTTRXM132023-12-25Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO F414.0.5.0.TLMTRXM132023-12-21Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi 10 202214.0.3.0.TKUTRXM132023-12-21Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 1014.0.3.0.TKUTRXM132023-12-21Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13T Pro14.0.4.0.TMLTRXM132023-12-20Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12 Pro14.0.5.0.TLBTRXM132023-12-07Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13T14.0.4.0.TMFTRXM132023-11-29Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 1014.0.4.0.SKGTRXM122023-11-28Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13 Lite14.0.3.0.TLLTRXM132023-11-17Recovery
Redmi Note 12S14.0.5.0.THZTRXM132023-11-15Recovery | Fastboot
POCO F514.0.6.0.TMRTRXM132023-11-03Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad 614.0.4.0.TMZTRXM132023-11-03Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE14.0.5.0.TKOTRXM132023-10-16Recovery | OTA
POCO F4 GT14.0.2.0.TLJTRXM132023-10-12Recovery | OTA
POCO M4 Pro 4G14.0.3.0.TKETRXM132023-10-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11S14.0.3.0.TKETRXM132023-10-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO F314.0.3.0.TKHTRXM132023-10-08Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 1114.0.3.0.TKBTRXM132023-09-05Recovery | OTA
Xiaomi 11T Pro14.0.4.0.TKDTRXM132023-08-29Recovery | OTA
Redmi Note 10 Pro14.0.2.0.TKFTRXM132023-08-21Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 11 Lite 4G14.0.2.0.TKQTRXM132023-08-21Recovery | OTA
Xiaomi 12T14.0.4.0.TLQTRXM132023-08-18Recovery | OTA
Redmi Note 10S14.0.3.0.TKLTRXM132023-08-12Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO F5 Pro14.0.4.0.TMNTRXM132023-08-06Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO X3 NFC14.0.2.0.SJGTRXM122023-07-25Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12T Pro14.0.3.0.TLFTRXM132023-07-24Recovery | OTA
POCO M3 Pro14.0.3.0.TKSTRXM132023-07-02Recovery | OTA
Redmi Note 10 5G14.0.3.0.TKSTRXM132023-07-02Recovery | OTA
POCO M4 Pro 5G14.0.1.0.TGBTRXM132023-06-23Recovery
POCO X5 Pro 5G14.0.6.0.SMSTRXM122023-06-10Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 Pro14.0.2.0.SMOTRXM122023-06-03Recovery | Fastboot
POCO X5 5G14.0.2.0.TMPTRXM132023-05-31Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 9T14.0.3.0.SJQTRXM122023-05-23Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 1014.0.2.0.TJBTRXM132023-05-22Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 9T14.0.2.0.SJETRXM122023-05-17Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 10T Lite14.0.2.0.SJSTRXM122023-05-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 9 Pro14.0.1.0.SJZTRXM122023-05-05Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 9S14.0.1.0.SJWTRXM122023-05-05Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M314.0.2.0.SJFTRXM122023-05-04Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 10T / Mi 10T Pro14.0.1.0.SJDTRXM122023-04-14Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M514.0.1.0.TLUTRXM132023-04-06Recovery | Fastboot
POCO F2 Pro14.0.1.0.SJKTRXM122023-04-01Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO M4 5G14.0.1.0.TLSTRXM132023-03-31Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi 10 5G14.0.1.0.TLSTRXM132023-03-31Recovery | Fastboot
POCO X3 Pro14.0.1.0.TJUTRXM132023-03-16Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 1314.0.3.0.TMCTRXM132023-03-03Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13 Pro14.0.3.0.TMBTRXM132023-02-28Recovery | OTA | Fastboot

MIUI 14 Japan

DeviceMIUIAndroidRelease dateDownload link
Xiaomi 13T Pro14.0.4.0.TMLJPXM132024-04-05Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Mi 11 Lite 5G14.0.4.0.TKIJPXM132024-01-29Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G14.0.4.0.TKCJPXM132024-01-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12T Pro14.0.4.0.TLFJPXM132023-12-28Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 11T Pro14.0.5.0.TKDJPXM132023-11-02Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 10T14.0.8.0.TKNJPXM132023-08-04Recovery | OTA | Fastboot

As new MIUI 14 ROMs are released, they will appear here. Just like this for MIUI 12.5 and MIUI 13.

MIUI 14 new features

MIUI 14 runs on the new MIUI Photon engine, which is based on the underlying Android kernel, opening it up to third-party app developers. But most importantly, the performance of the system has been improved and its stability has been optimised.

Changes have been made to the MIUI architecture to ensure that all apps run smoothly. Xiaomi noted that MIUI 14 Photon Engine increases the smoothness of third-party apps by 88% and reduces their power consumption by 16%. Developers are working hard to make apps run faster and more stable.

miui 14 photon engine

Performance of MIUI 14

Performance improvements to MIUI 14:

  • Operating system size has been reduced by 23% compared to MIUI 13. The size of Recover ROM, Fastboot ROM and OTA updates has also been reduced.
  • Improved memory management for more efficient use of memory. This makes the interface run smoothly and quickly even in high load scenarios.
  • System performance increased by 88%, app power consumption reduced by 16% compared to MIUI 13.
  • You can now uninstall most of the built-in apps. The Phone, Messages, Contacts and 5 other system apps required for MIUI 14 cannot be uninstalled.
  • The power consumption of third-party apps has been reduced by 22%

MIUI 14 Perfomance

MIUI interconnection with devices has been improved thanks to a new high-speed bus. Plug-in headphones are detected 50% faster, image transmission speed during streaming increased by 77%.

Changes have been made to the number of system applications that cannot be uninstalled in the usual way – only 8 remain. Users can now easily uninstall apps they don’t want to use.

MIUI 14 interface

Changes have been made to the design of MIUI the interface is lighter, looks more interesting, runs faster and is more stable.

The new MIUI 14 offers a new feature called Super Icons. They can be different sizes (4 sizes for each icon) and make the desktop look more colourful. Update your home screen and theme to the latest version to be able to use super icons

You can have pets on your desktop, which is something children should particularly enjoy. These are animated characters like a cat and a cactus. The feature is called Pets and Plants. The pet lives on the device’s screen and reacts when you tap on it.

miui 14 home screen

New widget formats make working with the device more convenient.

Official MIUI 14 logo

On November 17, 2022, Xiaomi officially unveiled the MIUI 14 logo, refuting rumors of a possible MIUI 13.5 release.

Comparison of MIUI 14 and MIUI 13 logos

MIUI 13 logo uses bright pink, yellow and orange colors. The new MIUI 14 logo looks more modern — blue, purple and pink colors are combined with the transparent number 14 in white.

What’s interesting, the MIUI 14 logo strongly resembles Apple’s iOS 16 logo. Xiaomi has long been called the Apple of China because of the fact that the interface and some features of MIUI are very similar to similar iOS features.

MIUI 14 and iOS 16 logos
MIUI 14 and iOS 16 logos

MIUI 14 new features

  • MIUI 14 now takes up less memory space, keeps things running faster and smoother for longer.
  • Improved architecture improves the performance of pre-installed and third-party apps while saving energy.
  • Attention to detail redefines personalisation and takes it to the next level.
  • More than 30 scenes support end-to-end privacy without storing data in the cloud, all activities are performed locally on the device.
  • Mi Smart Hub has received a significant upgrade, runs much faster and supports more devices.
  • Tap and hold your finger on the text of an image from the gallery to instantly recognise it. Supports up to 8 languages.
  • You can connect the headphones to your phone, tablet and TV and switch between the devices easily.
  • Whenever you need to enter text on your TV, you can open a pop-up window on your phone and enter text there.
  • Incoming phone calls can be transferred to the tablet.
  • Family Services allows you to create groups of up to 8 people and offers different roles with customisable permissions.
  • You can share photo albums with your family group. Everyone in the group can view and upload new photos and videos.
  • Set your shared album as a screensaver on your TV and let everyone in the family enjoy happy memories.
  • Family Services allows you to share health data (such as heart rate, blood oxygen levels and sleep) with family members.
  • Child accounts offer a range of parental control settings, from limiting screen time and app usage to setting up a safe zone.
  • Improved search in settings.
  • You can boost connection speeds using mobile data when the Wi-Fi signal is too weak.

miui 14 home screen

The Mi AI voice assistant has been refined:

  • Mi Al is now more than just a voice assistant. You can use it as a scanner, translator, it knows how to filter spam calls and more.
  • Mi Al allows you to perform complex daily tasks with simple voice commands. Communicating with your device has never been easier.
  • With Mi Al you can scan and recognise anything – whether it’s an unfamiliar plant or an important document.
  • Mi Al is ready to help whenever you encounter a language barrier. Intelligent translation tools support multiple languages.

Not all of these MIUI 14 features are available in the global version. Some of them only work in the Chinese version MIUI 14.

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  1. Arjon Khan

    Poco X3 mobile miui 14 update release date

    1. Yaroslav

      No updates for this phone avaliable

  2. randomly

    08:00PM JST.
    Xiaomi redmi 13C updated to 14.0.x.0

  3. Sai Kiran

    I have poco x3 phone it was not working properly and speaker and camera not waking and plz give any suggestions for miui 14 update

    1. Yaroslav

      You need to go to the service center

  4. Poco X3

    good morning and happy Wednesday my phone is
    Poco X3, speaker and camera not working, please tell when Poco X3 update will be available in India?

    1. Yaroslav

      There is no information yet.

  5. Shivani Singh

    When will miui 14 available in India for Poco x3 device?

  6. danielw

    ciao a tutti ho un mi10t con sigla SJDEUSF sto cercando di sbloccare il bootloader per installare MIUI 14 ma non riesco qualcuno di più esperto che mi possa dare una mano????

  7. Chiril

    I’ve got a Poco X3 Pro, can’t get any update data inn UK at all, I believe it would be about Europe release, so it’s kind of weird. Had similar case with MiUi 13, ended up updating it while traveling, anyone has any idea why it happens?

    1. Yaroslav

      Updates for this phone were cancelled.

  8. Shumail awan

    I have not received miui 14 update
    And my phone Mi note 10 lite
    Can someone tell me about this

    1. Yaroslav

      There is not a time yet.

  9. Aydın

    Arkadaşlar telefonum resmi note 12 pro plus mıuı 14 androidi ise 12 bu nasıl android 13 yapabilirim yardımcı olur musunuz

    1. Yaroslav

      Henüz mümkün değil

  10. balamurugan

    My Phone Redmi 11 Pro(5G) How to download pc? whitch flash toll using?flash tool link have pls share

  11. salman

    i have xiaomi 11 t will i get update BTW currently its on miui 12

    1. Yaroslav

      Yes, you will.

  12. super

    Does anyone know how to undo if the current latest update for Redmi Note 10 Pro ?

    Its cause the whole system to crash
    1)Sound stop working
    2) Camera cant work
    3)sim card slot not longer detect

    1. Yaroslav

      Only by unlocking the bootloader, flashing in Fastboot mode via MiFlash Pro.

  13. Jon

    Eu atualizei meu xiomi redmi note 12 4g global e basicamente o sistema começou a ocupar os “outros” arquivos, ele consome todo o espaço de memoria, literalmente, ocupou 128gb e não tem nada pra excluir, poderia sugerir algum caminho de solução ?

    1. Yaroslav

      Só posso recomendar uma redefinição de fábrica. Mas antes disso, você precisa transferir todos os arquivos necessários da memória interna para outro lugar, pois eles serão excluídos.

  14. Luciano

    I have a Redmi Note 2201117TI (India) and it was on MIUI version ( SGCINXM); I downloaded the rom ( TGCINCM) which is Recovery and it updated as if it were via OTA when I put the rom in the root folder of the device! A wonder ??

  15. Alpha Adam

    What can I say? Redmi note 11 pro 5G (Global) still not update in Jul, but note 11 4G & note 10 already update in May! Europe version updated in Jun. So Global version still need to wait how long for it?

  16. Onur


    1. Pavel author
  17. Namita manjari Dixit

    Redmi 6a Miui 14realese update unfortunately but I am requesting that please give us the miui14 update as soon as possible

  18. Zubair Ali

    Can we install Redmi note 11 pro 4G Indonesian Rom in Redmi Note 11 (provided with Same MIUI and android requirements)

    1. Yaroslav

      Yes you can. But onli if your phone is not 5G version. Then you’ll get MIUI Dialer and all that stuff.

      1. Zubair Ali

        My device is TGCMIXM and there is no any 5G option in network bands. But it having Model name as Redmi note 11
        What are your comments whether it is 4G or 5G

        1. Yaroslav

          You can check it by using a SIM card with the 5G Network. If it will be work, it’s 5G version.

  19. Abhay patil

    Please send me updates on my phone redmi6pro because of battery draining fast, and phone redmi6pro had become slow.

    1. Yaroslav

      we are not sending any updates. We are not Xiaomi.

  20. Zubair Ali

    When are we receiving Indonesian version od redmi note 11 MIUI

    1. Yaroslav


      1. Zubair Ali

        Any specific date

        1. Yaroslav

          There is no concrete date.

  21. some one

    will redmi note 12c get miui 14??

    1. Yaroslav


  22. db

    why are u boring people who want to unlock their bootloader ?
    should be simple…. or should the phone not our property ?
    im trying to do it since 2 days

  23. Phillipe

    my phone: Mi 11 Lite 4G,
    MIUI V14.0.3.0.TKBMIXM giving frozen screen
    I can‘t unlock my phone…
    screen no response

    1. Yaroslav

      Try Hard Reset via Recovery.

  24. Luciano

    I have a Redmi Note 2201117TI (India) and it is on MIUI version ( SGCINXM); Will there be MIUI 14 through OTA for this cell phone?
    When will it be?

    1. Yaroslav

      There is no information yet.

  25. Jakk

    So many problems on Mi pad 5 with MIUI 14 and unluckily Mi Tech not allow to downgrade to MIUI 13.
    Such a nightmare product.

  26. ვალერი

    Poco x4 pro 5g მაქვს და MIUI 14 global ვერსიას როდის მივიღებთ

    1. Yaroslav

      ამის შესახებ მონაცემები ჯერ არ არსებობს

  27. Humberto

    Hi there.
    I have the POCO X4 PRO 5G, but O can’t find the MIUI 14 for my phone… Where ir when can I find it?

    1. Yaroslav

      There is no such ROM yet.

  28. Anthony

    Literally everyone around me has gotten miui 14 in their phone. My frien has a x3 NFC and he got it but i still haven’t. What kind of OTA update is this

    1. Yaroslav

      There is no time yet. You need to wait for another wave of updates.

  29. Naweeth

    I have redmi note 11 still note received miui 14 update

    1. Yaroslav

      There is not a time yet

  30. Md. Rasel Rana

    When will Redmi Note 9 get miui 14 update?

    1. Yaroslav

      There is no information yet.

  31. syahh

    why REDMI NOTE 9S can’t get MIUI 14 ?

    1. Yaroslav

      Because it is too old.

  32. Uzbek

    Redmi 9 scjxmixm get miui 14

    1. Yaroslav

      No information.

  33. Arvind

    In mi 10 i jio 5g sa is not working in miui 14. Please release fast.

  34. Raj dangaura

    Please give me miui 14 update please redmi not 11 pro +5g

    1. Yaroslav

      We are not Xiaomi

  35. Makis Mi10 5g

    After last update at my mi 10 the nfc pay via my phone stop working . I have the EU version of miui and 14.01 version.

    1. Yaroslav

      Try Hard Reset

  36. Akash

    When will the redmi note 11 update come on mui 14?

    1. Yaroslav

      Tgere is no information yet

  37. jose Messias

    Mi 10T lite 5g quando sai a atualização para ele ?

    1. Yaroslav

      Ainda não há informações.

  38. Redmi 9 Prime 4/64 User

    My phone is global variant. Redmi 9 prime, currently running miui 13, but it is lagging the phone, slow speed,
    When can I get miui 14???

    1. Yaroslav

      There is no information yet.

  39. LaaukSpat

    I have POCO X5 5G, Will i get the update MIUI 14?

    1. Yaroslav

      Yes you will

  40. Akash

    I have redmi note 11 global version
    Will i get the update

    1. Yaroslav

      Yes, but there is no concrete date yet.

  41. calvin collins

    how about redmi note 11 what you give chance for up date android 13 fuck ????

    1. Yaroslav

      The update will be. But terms are unknown.

  42. Ali

    Hi.Why not receive miui13 for redmi note 8 pro? Cheep set it’s support.
    Please make it’s phone.
    Thanks so much ?❤️

    1. Yaroslav

      We are not Xiaomi.

  43. Ajay chauhan

    Redmi note 11T 5g will get this miui 14 update N till when we will get any idea or any date

  44. Williams

    I have Redmi 10 2022
    Will I get the update

    1. Yaroslav

      Yes you will

  45. علیرضا

    سلام من فایل ریکاوری رو دانلود کردم حالا چطور نصب کنم

    1. Yaroslav
  46. Otabek

    i updeted to miui 14.0.4 my xiaomi 12t, but interface didnt change. When it change and add animals?

    1. Yaroslav

      First update includes only security patches. You need to wait some more time. There is no information about new features.

  47. Anwar Hossain

    My device is Redmi Note 11S 4G.
    When I’ll get miui 14 update?
    Please tell me about the probably date. I still wait for this.?

    1. Yaroslav

      There is no information yet.

  48. Heinman

    This guy high asf…he claims redmi 10c will not get miui14 update..lol fcuking loser

  49. Attallah

    I have Xiaomi 11t pro And I haven’t gotten the update yet is there any problem?!

  50. Javohir

    xiaomi note 10 lite. will i get 14 or not?

    1. Yaroslav

      Yes you will.

  51. AFAQ

    My Redmi 10C has an issue sometimes it cannot receive an incoming call. How can I resolve my issue

    1. afaq

      Also, it cannot receive proper carrier signal

  52. AFAQ

    I have redmi 10C
    Will i get the update

    1. Yaroslav

      There is no information yet. But if you’ll get ith, there will be only security patch.

    2. Yaroslav

      Try Hard Reset.

      1. Steve

        I using 12t pro msia but till now there is no miui 14……

        1. Yaroslav

          There is no time yet.

  53. Sachin

    Xaomi 11i haw to remove google dailar

    1. Yaroslav

      Unlock the bootloader, flash TWRP Recovery, then find MIUI Dialer in ZIP format for your phone and flash it via TWRP.

  54. Imamuddin imam

    Xiaomi 11t pro Europe version give me update ?

    1. Yaroslav

      We are not Xiaomi.

  55. Rodrigo

    Tenho um POCO X4 PRO 5G, quando terá atualização.

    1. Yaroslav

      Está na hora. Não se sabe exatamente quando. Depende da onda em que o seu telefone vai cair.

  56. ساسان حس نژاد

    سلام ببخشید من به آخرین نسخه ۱۴.۲ آپدیت کردم ولی هیچ چیزی تغیر نکرد

    1. Yaroslav

      به احتمال زیاد به روزرسانی فقط شامل تکه های امنیتی بود.

  57. Nobre

    Tudo bem?
    Estou usando o Redmi Note 12 Pro versão Indiana, terá a MIUI 14? Quando?

    1. Yaroslav

      Este telefone vai ter. Mas os prazos ainda são desconhecidos.

  58. Vincenzo

    Salve vorrei sapere se e quando sarà aggiornato il mi note 10 lite.alla miui 14 .grazie

    1. Yaroslav

      Non è previsto alcun aggiornamento per questo telefono.

  59. Kunal

    mi10i 5g main kab Tak aye ga update or kya Android bhi change hoga…..kab Tak aye ga update

  60. Mark

    Will my Redmi 10c receive an update

    1. Yaroslav


  61. Mojab

    Hello, I had a question, when is the update for the Poco M3 phone? miui 14 will come. I would be grateful if you could answer my question

    1. Yaroslav

      There’s no information yet.

  62. Tonmoy

    How can I stop “notification about sensitive action” in my mobile Poco x3 floating notification icon shade? The camera and microphone are notification icon shade when speaking in a video call. I want to stop it. Please help me.

    1. Yaroslav

      Open the Settings, go to the Privacy Protection section.
      Tap Privacy, disable the Notify about actions slider.
      But keep in mind that this is only until the first reboot.

  63. Arianne Brito

    Olá meu atualizou sozinho, parou de funcionar a camera ultra e frontal, já ate formatei mas nao voltou, estou pra chorar já! sem saber o que fazer.

    Modelo poco x3 nfc global 🙁

    1. Yaroslav

      Aqui posso aconselhar apenas instalar o firmware venrsia mais antigo. Mas para isso é necessário desbloquear o bootloader, colocar o telefone no modo Fastboot e instalar o firmware com a ajuda de MiFlash Pro.

  64. Al980

    I have mi10t pro. In some domestic sites in my country, it was written that my phone may not receive the update. Is it certain that my phone will receive the update?

    1. Yaroslav

      Yes, but it will be only security patch witout any new functions.

  65. Bahodir

    Menda redmi note 11 pro 4g bor. Miui 14 global yangilanishini oladimi.

    1. Yaroslav


  66. Kishan Chauhan

    Redmi note 10 lite main kab latest MIUI 14 update ayega

  67. Tonny

    Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G, will get miui 14??

    1. Yaroslav


  68. Bubul Das

    Xiaomi 11 Lite ne 5g me miui 14 kab milega miui 14 me black crash issue or dark mode theek hoga

  69. Ariel

    When will the xiaomi 11 t pro get the update?

  70. Petra

    I have the latest version since yesterday. Can I uninstall this and go back to 13 again? It is so annoying that you get notifications every single time you open your keyboard and every time you send. I don’t want this!!! I have removed notifications and sound in settings, nothing helps.

    1. Yaroslav

      You can do that only by installing full ROM. You need to unlock the bootloader, then turn on Fastboot Mode and install the ROM via PC and MiFlash Pro.

    2. Yaroslav

      Yes you can. First of all unlock the bootloader. Then download needed version of ROM for install via Fastboot. Then flash it with PC and MiFlash Pro.

  71. Darshan

    Xiomi 11 T PRO yet not received any update.

  72. Pankaj kumar yadav

    I have redmi NOTE 11 PRO plus 5G,why not reciving miui 14

    1. Yaroslav

      You need to wait more.

  73. Tunlin

    MIUI14 version update redmi note 11 update what time

  74. Suraj

    I have poco m3 pro 5G
    Will I get the miui 14 ?

  75. Ajay kumar

    I have redmi Note 10 Pro not update miui 14 receive

  76. Gabriel

    Poco m4 pro 4g não tem nem data ?

  77. Akhtar ali

    I am Not receiving New update miui 14 for Redmi 10S kindly update

  78. Akhtar ali

    Why not receiving New update miui 14 for Redmi 10S kindly update

    1. Yaroslav

      It’s not a time yet.

  79. Fazliddin

    My phone Xiaomi 11T 5g did not receive the new version of MIUI14

    1. Yaroslav

      It’s not a time yet.

  80. Akaash gill

    Redmi note 10 pro was on the first list which is going to get miui 14 update. But I m still waiting.

    1. Yaroslav

      You need to wait more.

  81. Sofi ali

    Mi 10i 5g mu 14 Android 13 date ?

  82. Khawer Shehzad

    I have poco x3 nfc but here not come miui 14..
    Please give me miui 14 update if its possible..

  83. Arun kumar

    I have use redmi note 9 pro but mi14 update not update recived

  84. Salman

    Redmi note 11 update kab aayegi Pakistan mein

    1. Tumhara baap ji

      Bahan chod hum india walo ke paas apni bahan bhejo hum 14 denge

  85. Bojidar

    Имам Xiaomi Redmi 9
    Ще получа ли актуализацията MIUI 14

    1. Yaroslav


  86. Anoop

    Heii I am from India,have a Redmi note 10 pro.Is my phone will get the update?

    1. Yaroslav

      Yes it will

  87. Tykmo

    Why is my device redmi 10 prime is not on global download page

  88. Usama Khalil

    When will come update MI14 in redmi note 10S global device.

  89. Prabin Thagunna

    When it available for Redmi K20 Pro?

  90. Phumelela

    Will redmi 9t get miui 14 update?

  91. thisara malinga

    I have redmi note 9s,
    When will I get the miui 14 update?

  92. Wasim

    Hi I have a question I have redmi note 11 pro plus 5g. Global V and my friend has the same phone, His phone received the 14 MIUI release, but I don’t, why?

  93. oskar

    Updated my 11t pro to 14 recently, now the bluetooth pairing turns off my headphones. worked with previous os, and headphones work with other OS, only problem is miui 14

  94. Qamar abbas

    I have xiaomi note 10 lite but why not miui andriod version 14 updates any problem

  95. Jeffrey Eh

    Please I have Redmi Note 11 will i get Miui 14 update

    1. Yaroslav


  96. Mahmoud

    I am redmi note 10 pro still note recieving miui14 update
    Reigon middle east
    Country sudan

    1. Yaroslav

      There is no time yet.

  97. Ahmet

    Hello I love this phone very much. But I don’t understand why it is not getting updates my phone is redmi note 9c NFC. but redmi 8 is getting updates I don’t understand::((((

    1. Yaroslav

      Redmi 8 woul get no updates, as Redmi 9C. these phones are too old.

  98. Fahim

    I need this update

  99. Noyon

    Mujhe milega na my phone poco x4pro5g all bugs fix in miui14 please

  100. Roger

    I have a Redmi note 11 4 g version China and is still on 12.5 it’s doesn’t want to update to 13.05 even could be able to update to 14 version , is there anything I can do about it, I mean to make this telef can update the different versions ,
    Thank you in advance for your help….

  101. Umesh gurung

    I have redmi note 9 pro.
    I’m using android 13 but now i want to use 14 please help me to get android 14.

  102. Siyas

    Redmi k50i 5g miul 14 when realise india

    1. Yaroslav

      There is no such information yet.

  103. Dandan

    I have redmi note 10 but I don’t receive miui 14

    1. Yaroslav

      It’s not a time yet.

  104. Makwana jayesh

    Why u all time India last
    I know India is biggest market of mi mobile so why u not give first

    This is last
    Until we #buycot_mi mobile india
    I have REDMI note 11 give me miuu14 and Android 13 also

    1. Yaroslav

      We are not Xiaomi.

  105. Yaroslav

    May be at summer.

  106. Radhika

    I have not received redmi note 10 pro 14 version update please give me 14 version update of mi I have redmi note 10 pro modal phone

    1. Yaroslav

      There is not a time yet.

  107. Dipu deka

    Hello sir my phone is redmi k 50i plz miui 14 update plz

    1. Yaroslav

      We’re not Xiaomi.

  108. Mirwais

    I have Redmi note 11 why not reciving miui 14

    1. Yaroslav

      There’s not a time yet.

  109. Rahul pandit prayagraj

    Redmi 9 power miui 14 update kb milega

  110. YodaWoda

    Do you perhaps know when the xiaomi 12 pro version EEA will receive the update to miui 14? All xiaomi 12 from lower versions have already received it, and pro, further nothing. In my opinion, the phone with a pro, should receive it first.

    1. Yaroslav

      There is no information yet.

  111. Iqbal

    My poco X3 miui 14 global coming or not?

    1. Yaroslav

      There is no information yet.

  112. MD Oyasim Akram

    redmi10 2022 miui14 update

    1. Yaroslav

      There is no information yet.

  113. Hasan

    Please Update for mi Phon redmi 9.

    1. Yaroslav

      We’re not Xiaomi

  114. Sanjay kumar

    redmi note 11t 5g ka ka update kab aayega

  115. Aravindkumar

    Miui 14 Android 14 update varum??

    1. Manish kumar

      Mi 11x pro how to update miui 14 in India

  116. X

    May I ask if it’s updated? Another website says POCO C40 and Redmi 10a will not receiving MIUI 14.

    `MIUI 14 Global does not provide much improvement in terms of features. It has no difference from MIUI 13. However, with the latest Google security patch, your device will be more protected. Coming to the end, some low-budget models have been removed from the list. Due to insufficient hardware, smartphones such as Redmi 10A, POCO C40 / C40+ cannot be adapted to the new MIUI interface. For this reason, MIUI 14 will not come to some budget smartphones.`

    1. Pavel author

      1. The developers have not said anything about upgrading the POCO C40. There is no official information. Other websites give only the opinion of their authors.
      2. We see no reason why the new POCO C40 phone won’t get MIUI 14. And we’re not the only ones.

      The Redmi 10A should not update to MIUI 14.

      1. X

        Thank you for the reply!

  117. Shambhu

    Redmi k50i ko miui 14 India update kab tak milega


    When will miui 14 available in sri lanka for redmi note 10 pro device?

    1. Yaroslav

      There is no such information yet.

  119. Ajay

    My divce Xiaomi 11 i hypercharger 5G i have not received miui 14 update how???????

    1. Yaroslav

      It’s not a time yet.

  120. Muneer

    Speaker problem ho gaya update 13 se

    1. Yaroslav

      You need to go at sevice center.

  121. James

    Hello , will Redmi A1 get update ?

    1. Yaroslav


  122. Mukesh kannan

    I have mi11x mobile.why not reciving miui14

    1. Yaroslav

      It’s not time yet.

  123. Pony

    How to download MIUI 14 in my 11 lite NE 5G

    Please help

    1. Yaroslav

      There is no such version for your phone yet.

  124. Muhammad HB12

    My phone is poco f3 type so far the version of 14 has not come to it

  125. Markoff

    I’m nervous that they make devices promise that there will be 3/4 years of updates and then hop they will not be on the List to get neither Android 13 nor MIUI14 for example like my Note 10 Pro and Sorry so I will never buy Xiaomi or Redmi again I switch to Samsung there everything is much better

  126. Mobassir Rana

    redmi 10 update 14 It didn’t come quickly update give

  127. Guri

    Mi note 9 pro 14 update

    1. Yaroslav

      This phone is too old for MIUI 14.

  128. Nagarjun N

    Redmi note 10pro how to launch India ?‍♂️miui 14

    1. Yaroslav

      There is no information yet.

  129. Redmi K30 4G

    Miui14 this like
    I am Redmi K30 4G User

    1. Poco X3 pro

      Când voi primi noul miui 14 pe Poco X3 pro?

  130. Panha

    My phone POCO F3 haven’t get update for MIUI 14 yet.

    1. Yaroslav

      It’s not time yet.

  131. Attila Tóth

    Why didn’t the Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G receive an OTA update in Europe? It can only be installed using a PC, in fastboot mode.


    Respecting sir
    My device is poco X3 pro Now my miui is 13 when i get 14 your company told 3 year update then why your company not give this update in India why sir you are giving poco x4 this update please reply this u know why i choose is phone this good brand and good service so please give all poco X3 pro users thank you respectfully wait for your reply

    Poco X3 pro user

    1. Yaroslav

      We’re not Xiaomi. You need to ask ypur question to Xiaomi developers.

  133. Ajay

    Xiaomi 11i device me abhi tak miui14 update nhi mila h ?????

  134. Abhishek

    I have redmi note 11 pro + 5g
    Can I get MIUI 14 update on ANDROID 13

    1. Yaroslav

      Yes. But there is no information about dates.

  135. Alakesh kakati

    When start poco X3 update 5g


      Not will bro this is 4g not 5g u need 5g

  136. Mik

    Hello please add usage statistics feature or add code better than digi well being

  137. Najim

    My phone Xiaomi 11T pro MIUI 14 update

    1. Yaroslav

      Just wait.

  138. Somraj

    Redmi note 10s miui 14 update

    1. Yaroslav

      Will be

  139. Mujahid mulla

    Mi 10t kab lounch hoo tha haa

  140. karthik

    no update Notification please recovery

    1. Yaroslav

      What phone do you have?

  141. Thant zin aung

    i want to india poco f3 gt global rom to miui14

  142. فضل الصبيحي

    إصدار MIUI

    MIUI by xiaomi.eu 12.5.19 مستقر
    لماذا لايوجد لدي واجهة 13او 14
    الي الان وانا في نفس الاصدار

  143. Gino Guillermo

    I live in the UK and have a Poco F4. Can i now install MIUI 14 on my device? or do I have to wait more? And when can we download the EU/Global build of MIUI 14 for our devices?

    1. Yaroslav

      You need to wait. There’s no information about concrete date of the update.

  144. Runny Kumar

    Redmi note 10s main ayega ki nahi

  145. Kaiwit

    ฉันใช้ Redmi 10c อยู่ตอนนี้อยากรู้ว่า
    Redmi 10c จะได้ update, MIUI14 เมื่อไหร่ครับ

    1. Yaroslav


  146. Girish

    Xoami 11x ma jio 5g Kem sport nathi kartu


    UPDATE FOR MI 11X WHEN WILL COME, I AM SO UPSET Against MIUI 13 many problem reconised, plz update fast fast fast early as possible plz…………………………!!

  148. Paul Aniței

    Poco X3 pro va primi și el miui 14, și dacă da, ce dată?

    1. Yaroslav

      Nu există încă informații despre acest telefon.

  149. Mahedi Hasan

    Is this available for Redmi note 11 4g?

    1. Yaroslav

      No information yet.

  150. Austine

    I want to ask if Xiaomi 11T Pro will get the MIUI 14 and when should be expected. ?

    1. Rui Silva

      Hola buenas tardes. Tengo un Redmi Note 10S global en qué fecha aproximadamente le llegaría Miui 14.

  151. Albert

    Never ever Xiaomi gadgets!!!

  152. Formica

    I’m using MIUI 13 and missing 2 Features:

    1 – to be able to install 2 instances of some apps like Telegram, Whatsapp, Clubhouse and ….

    2 – be able to place morethen 4 Icons in a Row

  153. ABHIJIT

    So will Redmi note 11 pro get the Miui 14 update if yes then When

  154. Ramin

    When i upgrade to miui 13.0.6 skfruxm for redmi note 10 pro the battery drain by anroid system app. Does it solved in miui 14 or its better to degrade to miui 12 (reset factory)?

    1. Yaroslav

      Try to wait.

  155. Can

    I,m using the Redmi 10 2022 and in wanted to ask if i get the miui 14 too if yes when does it release on my phone?

    1. Yaroslav

      Yes you will grt. But there is no information about concrete date.

  156. Ali Husnain

    when will i get mi 14 version update mi 13 may camera speaker problem

    1. Yaroslav

      No information

  157. Hariom Mishra

    Why Miui Global/India Not given all feature of MIUI China Rom & Android Miui Global/India Rom is boring because of missing features ?
    1. Wallpaper & Personalization
    2. New Wigdets
    3. Notification history
    4. Android feature select colour pellets
    5. Pick Wallpaper colour in icon
    Other brands given all features So in future why I purchase Xiaomi phones

    1. Yaroslav

      Because these features only for concrete region.

  158. Mi 11i 5g

    Xiaomi 11i5g update 14 please pH

    1. Yaroslav

      We’re not Xiaomi developers.

  159. Aftab

    Xiaomi MIUI 14 release date
    Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE IN INDIA

    1. Yaroslav

      There is no such information yet.

  160. Lalit yadav

    Redmi not 9 pro me 14 update avilebal dete

    1. Yaroslav

      We have no such information

    2. Ariel

      When will the xiaomi 11 t pro get the update?

  161. Avdhesh Kumar

    Kab milega MIUi 14 new version kab sir please send me

  162. Albert

    Such a nightmare that Mi Pad 5 never ever again xiao i

    1. Bahaaldin

      I’m using poco f3 Indonesian region,
      when will my phone get miui 14 ?. If i wanna use Chinese Rom ,which one is much with my phone?.

      1. Yaroslav

        There is no information about release date.

  163. Prabhas

    Redmi note 10 Pro Max Miui 14 date release How

  164. Aljun Cortez

    Good Thing my Redmi Note 10 5G (Global Version) is Included in MIUI 14
    im Glad to have this Device despite its using MediaTek Dimensity 700

    1. Bogdan

      Am Poco X3 pro, și încă nu am primit actualizarea, când o voi primi?

  165. Sojib

    MIUI 14 new update

    1. arman

      I’m using Mi pad 5 pro 5G china rom, i’m waiting for the global version.

      1. Yaroslav

        You have China ROM. You’ll recieve China ROM. Not Global.

  166. Yacoub Murhij

    Poco m3 pro my phone
    i haven’t updated it yet
    it is miui 12.5 now
    should i update it ///

    1. Yaroslav

      Yes you need to install update. If not, you,ll not recieve MIUI 13 or 14.

  167. Anand

    Miui 14 coming time, and iam redmi 9 power user

    1. Yaroslav

      There was an information, that Redmi 9 Power will not recieve MIUI 14.

  168. Vignesh

    Muthumathalaman kovil kamuthi

  169. Rahul

    Redmi note 10 pro max miui 14 update kb tk aa

  170. Paola

    Per REDMI NOTE 10 Pro aggiornato alla Versione MIUI SKFEUXM con Android 12, quando arriverà MIUI 14 con Android 13? ( REDMI NOTE 10 Pro è partito con Android 11 con versione MIUI 12 e dopo versione MIUI 12.5 ). Grazie.

  171. Dorothysm

    Miui14 Redmi note11 NFC??

    1. Yaroslav

      That phone would get the update.

      1. Parveen Kumar

        Redmi Note 10 Pro update miui 14.5 has on over out in India

  172. איתן ארנון

    אני יש לי poco x3 שקיבל miui 13

  173. Louies

    So no Mi Note phone will get it?

    1. Pavel author

      Absolutely right. Support for the latest Mi Note series smartphones was completed the other day.

      1. Georgi

        And will redmi note 10 5G model m2103k19c have this MIUI 14 update?

        1. Yaroslav

          Yes, it will

        2. Jafar ali

          Mi 10i version 13 update back camera not working.
          Plz 14 update realize to mi 10i mobile

          1. Yaroslav

            We’re not Xiaomi. We’re not making any updates.

  174. Abbos

    Thanks for information

  175. Deepak Pradhan

    Mujhe milega na my phone poco x4pro5g all bugs fix in miui14 please

    1. Yaroslav

      We can’t fix the bugs because we are not developers.

    2. Syed Ashu

      Mujhe miui 14 ka update nhi mila mi note 10

  176. Sujeet kumar Pandey

    Mujhe MIUI 14 Version kab milega update MIUI 13 ME CAMERA SPEAKER PROBLAM HO GAYA HAI?

    1. Hicham

      redmi note 11 pro why is there no update

      1. Yaroslav

        There’s no time yet. I haven’t got it too.


    I have poco x3 NFC I am using but still not getting miui 13 update unfortunately ?

    But I am requesting that please give us the miui 13 update as soon as possible

    1. Zoran

      I have redmi 11 NOTE PRO 5G,why not reciving miui 14

      1. Yaroslav

        It’s not the time yet.

      2. Hamada

        I have redmi note 11s
        Will i get the update

        1. Yaroslav

          Yes, you will.

      3. Raaz Kumar

        Redmi note 11t 5G why not get received miui 14 update 😣😭

        1. Yaroslav

          That’s not a time yet.


      ok i just ask my supreme leader poco x3 will get miui 13 to miui 23 oopppsss

      1. Poco x4 pro 5g

        I have why not reciving miui 14

        1. Yaroslav

          That’s not a time yet.

    3. Joshua

      How to update Poco x4 pro to miui 14