POCO Android 14 updates

The release of official Android 14 updates for POCO smartphones and tablets is tracked daily and tabulated on this page. The device list is updated with updated models as reliable information about the firmware development stage becomes available.

Android 14, also known as Android U (Upside Down Cake) is the fourteenth version of the popular Android mobile operating system. It is available on some POCO smartphones and tablets.

These POCO devices will get Android 14 in 2024:

POCO C55Releasen/aReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleasen/a
POCO C61n/an/aReleasen/an/an/an/an/an/a
POCO C65Releasen/aReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleasen/a
POCO F4Releasen/aReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleasen/a
POCO F4 GTReleasen/an/aReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleasen/a
POCO F5Releasen/aReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleasen/a
POCO F5 ProReleasen/an/an/aReleaseReleaseReleaseReleasen/a
POCO F6Releasen/aReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleasen/an/a
POCO F6 ProReleasen/an/an/aReleaseReleaseReleasen/an/a
POCO M4 5GReleasen/aReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleasen/a
POCO M5Releasen/aReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleasen/a
POCO M6Releasen/an/aReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleasen/a
POCO M6 Plus 5Gn/an/aReleasen/an/an/an/an/an/a
POCO M6 ProReleasen/an/aReleaseReleaseReleasen/aReleasen/a
POCO M6 Pro 5GReleasen/aReleasen/aReleasen/aReleasen/an/a
POCO PadReleasen/aReleaseReleaseReleasen/aReleaseReleasen/a
POCO Pad 5GReleasen/aReleasen/an/an/an/an/an/a
POCO X4 GTReleaseReleasen/an/aReleaseReleaseReleaseReleasen/a
POCO X5 5GReleasen/aReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleasen/a
POCO X5 Pro 5GReleasen/aReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleasen/a
POCO X6 5GReleasen/aReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleasen/a
POCO X6 Neo 5GReleasen/aReleaseReleaseReleasen/aReleaseReleasen/a
POCO X6 Pro 5GReleasen/aReleaseReleaseReleaseReleaseReleasen/an/a
  • Release — MIUI officially and stably updated Android 14 phone. You can download it using this link and the model name.
  • Beta — ROM is in beta testing.
  • DEV — the developer version is available.
  • n/a — there is no firm indication yet of when the update will be released, but it should be for some regions.

If you can’t find your phone or tablet in the chart, we have no information about plans to update it. Update list does not include some POCO smartphones because firmware development stage is unknown.

We don’t know when a particular POCO phone will receive the Android 14 update. Xiaomi developers do not share update release dates, but we publish and regularly update all the available release information on this page.

Similar device lists:

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  1. Vimlesh

    poco m4 pro 5g will get Android 14 ?

    1. Yaroslav

      No information yet

  2. Jitendra Dhakad

    Android 14 release for Poco M4 Pro 4G?

  3. John carlo

    Poco M3 pro no miui 15:(

    1. Yaroslav


  4. Sam

    Hi, what about Poco F4 Europe version?

    1. Yaroslav

      No information yet.

  5. Anónimo

    POCO F3 ?

    1. Yaroslav


    2. Lucky

      Poco c61 please add hyper os software update

  6. Maxwell Rodrigues de Brito

    Olá turma aguardado a atualização do poco x3 pro verão global final mixm, alguma previsão

    1. Yaroslav

      A atualização foi retirada

  7. Aromal

    please give miui 15 update to poco m3 series please please?

    1. doxi

      i guess poco m3 series didn’t receive miui 15 if it is android 13

  8. Maxwell Rodrigues de Brito

    Meu poco x3 pro não saiu da muiu 13.0.3 e não atualiza

    1. Yaroslav

      A Xiaomi cancelou as atualizações para este modelo.

      1. Sikret

        Poco x3 gt MIUI 15 pls last update

        1. Yaroslav

          You can find it at our site.

    2. Kabir Hossain

      Poco X3 Pro last Android 14 and MIUI 15 update give all of us, Please ??♥️❤️?