Mi PC Suite Download (Mi Phone Assistant)

Mi PC Suite (Mi Phone Assistant) is a tool for working with Xiaomi via a computer. This free utility has a rich functionality, allows you to manage data on your Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO smartphones, and is often used to back up your phone’s data.

Other features include providing full information about the connected smartphone, syncing Xiaomi with your computer, transferring files from your phone to your computer and vice versa, displaying the phone screen on your PC, playing music and videos from your phone, viewing photos, messages and contacts.

You can also restore previously deleted files in the phone memory, install updates and MIUI firmware. To install updates, it is important that the phone has the stock Recovery installed, the program cannot work with custom recuperations.

Mi PC Suite Download

It used to be called Mi PC Suite and was available in English. Tool was also known as Mi Phone Manager. Later, the developers renamed the utility Mi Phone Assistant and started releasing it in Chinese only.

Mi Phone Assistant is Mi PC Suite Chinese version. In contrast, Mi Flash Unlock bootloader unlock utility and Mi Flash Pro phone flashing utility are available in English.

Mi Phone Assistant differs from Mi PC Suite for PC in having a Chinese language, a nice interface, but also a list of compatible Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO phone models. If your phone is released before 2019, you can download Mi PC Suite. But the utility isn’t always able to work with more modern smartphones – for those, it’s better to download Mi Phone Assistant.

We offer the original links to the official versions. You just have to download the program and install it on your computer. It is 100% safe.

Download Mi PC Suite from the official website miuirom.xiaomi.com:

Version Release date Download link
Mi Assistant 4.2.1028.10 — Latest October 28, 2021 Download
Mi Assistant 3.2.522.32 May 22, 2020 Download
Mi PC Suite November 17, 2018 Download
Mi PC Suite April 7, 2016 Download
Mi PC Suite July, 3 2015 Download

The utility automatically checks for a new version at start-up. If you download and install an older version, Mi PC Suite will prompt you to download the latest version.

To run the software on a PC, you need Windows XP or higher. We have tested the utility on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7. On all operating systems the software works perfectly.

There is no version for Linux or macOS. The official website of PC Suite is zhushou.xiaomi.com (it is in Chinese), the old official website pcsuite.mi.com has not been updated for over 8 years.

It is almost impossible to understand the Chinese version without knowing the interface. So we suggest downloading English for Mi Phone Assistant. In the 1.2Mb archive there is a folder with translation files: replace this folder with the same folder in the directory with the installed utility on your Windows drive.

English for Mi Phone Assistant

Connecting Xiaomi phone to Mi PC Suite

To connect the utility to your phone, download and install the software, activate USB debugging on your smartphone and use the original USB cable to connect to your PC.

How to connect to Mi PC Suite:

  1. Launch Mi PC Suite or Phone Assistant and log in to your Mi account.
  2. Enable USB debugging in MIUI settings.
  3. Connect your phone to the PC using a cable.
  4. In the program window, press the “Repeat” button if it didn’t connect the first time.

The main window of the utility will then display the working area of the programme. The connection is now active. You can start Xiaomi backup and performing any other operations on your phone.

Mi PC Suite does not see your phone

Sometimes the software may not see your connected phone, not responding to the connection via USB cable.

Why Mi PC Suite does not detect phone:

  1. The USB cable is defective. You need to use an original USB cable to connect your phone. Cheap Chinese equivalents may not work correctly. If Mi PC Suite does not see your connected Xiaomi, Redmi, POKO phone, the first thing to do is to check the cable you are using for integrity and replace it with the original one.
  2. Problems with USB port on PC. Most often problems occur when the phone is connected to the USB 3.0 port. Software does not always work correctly with this interface, therefore it is recommended to use USB 2.0.
  3. Wrong or outdated drivers installed. In order for the software to detect the connected phone^ drivers are required. Usually they are installed together with application, but it’s better to download and install Universal ADB Driver. The driver will work for any type of phone.
  4. The tool is blocked by the standard Windows antivirus. Sometimes the Windows anti-virus software assumes that Mi PC Suite is a Trojan horse and blocks the software from running. In fact, if the software was downloaded from the official website, there can be no malicious attachments in it. Solution: Disable antivirus protection while using the application.
  5. USB debugging is disabled. Sometimes users forget to activate USB debugging on their phone before connecting it to their computer. This action is mandatory, especially if they plan to back up user data.
  6. Outdated version of the software. Mi PC Suite may not see phones released after 2018. In this case, you need to download Mi Phone Assistant.
  7. Program error. There is a known problem when the utility can’t connect to the Xiaomi phone the first time. Reconnecting the device via USB cable helps. It may take several attempts.

Xiaomi hasn’t given up on developing its Mi Phone Assistant utility. Over the years, the program has become visually prettier, more stable in operation, but has lost the English language. There is hope that in the future the developers will add languages other than Chinese, but it is small.

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  1. mohamed yehia

    my redmi note 11 pro hanged on the recovery mode it restarted from yesterday i didnt have the chance to open it or even copy my data from it .
    i try the the reboot option but it didnt work.
    also i try the safe mode alos it didnt work
    event the connection with miassistant didnt work .
    what can i do to make it working again or at les connevt it to the PC to take a copy from my files.

  2. Yasir abubakar

    Hi i try to update my redmi note 12 pro after finishing the update so the system ask me to reboot the phone and I clicked on reboot and the system is showing NV data is corrupted

  3. worstofthem

    Oh sorry, didn’t see the other comments, so apparently the only way out is by wiping the phone up and losing all my data, got it…

  4. worstofthem

    Hello! For some reason, even after installing ADB and the Qualcomm drivers MiPhoneAssistant still doesn’t identify my phone as being connected to my computer, why’s that? I’ve swapped ports, I’m using the original cable, my antivirus is disabled, etc. But it still doesn’t know my phone is connected. Also, my phone is a Redmi Note 12 4G (tapas) on the latest HyperOS firmware and has been bootlooping, I don’t care about having to flash a new ROM, I just want to recover my old files tbh, there were loads of important things in there 🙁

    1. Yaroslav

      The problem is that MiPhone Assistant is too old. And there is no any updates for this soft. You’d better use other programm or use just ADB commands and console.

  5. najet

    Mon poco phone dis qu’il faut réinitialiser le telephone, quand j’appuie sur réinitialiser cela ne marche pas, ca fais donc 2 mois que je n’ai pas de telephone

    1. Yaroslav

      Essayez de faire une réinitialisation matérielle via Recovery


    meu celular só fica reiniciando

    1. Yaroslav

      Yes, that’s a trouble. Try Hard Reset

  7. shantanu

    i accidentally changed my xiaomi redmi 6a smallest width to 600 and now its in a loop of restarting again and again what should i do to fix it without erasing any data?

    1. Yaroslav

      Only Hard Reset

  8. Vassilakis Vassilis

    The English downlowdable version is only for ios.

  9. GiddieM

    i changed font width to 1000 on developer options and it keeps rebooting , requesting for wipe data
    I dont wish to lose data

    1. Yaroslav

      You will loose your data, because there is no other way to improve the situation

  10. Sophany

    J’ai le Xiaomi 12 pro mais le logiciel “Mi PC Suite” ne le connait pas malgré que j’ai fait les mise à jour tous les drivers (usb, adb etc…).
    Pourriez-vous faire la mise à jour “Mi PC Suite” pour qu’il puisse s’adapter avec Xiaomi 12 pro? S’il vous plait !!!
    Merci beaucoup de votre aide.

    1. Yaroslav

      Mi PC Suite is too old. It can’t work properly

    2. Yaroslav

      Oui, c’est un très vieux programme. Mais nous ne sommes pas des développeurs et ne pouvons pas le mettre à jour.

  11. jose fredi nataren zavala

    mitelefo es un xaomi redmi note 10 pro entro en modo FASTBOOT PERO AL APRETAR power por 15 o 20 segundos empieza a parpadear MI Y ANDROI y no reacciona se queda igual como que no arranca.

    1. Yaroslav

      Prueba Hard Reset

  12. saptak biswas

    im downloading but my son locked this phone

  13. Amine

    Non riesco a sbloccare

  14. Nikeeta

    The app keeps showing to update my device to connect but my phone shows no updates

    1. Yaroslav

      This app has too many bugs.

  15. Stylianopoulos

    i have change phone numper and lost too my codes

    1. Yaroslav

      That’s a problem. Try to connect Xiaomi Service.

  16. Leson

    Hati2 akan ada perubahan pada menu system’ di MIUI.14 karena ponsel saya mi note 10 5g langsung terkunci sandi padahal saya hanya menggunakan pola & wajah lalu dari mana saya dapat sandi 4 angka ini?

    1. sadjiaj

      Abah kau anjing

  17. No_engles

    English link is broken, it leads to Mi suite installer, not archive with translation.

    1. No_engles

      nevermind, my mistake, got mixed folders, all is ok

  18. fthr

    my phone is bootloop how i can fix it?

    1. Pavel author
  19. umar

    Backup stuck at 41 percents. Please help me finding solution.

    1. Yaroslav

      Don’t use this programm. It’s too old.

  20. Sharief Patton

    Help.Update security now phone is in bootloop.
    Phone does not allow enough time to unstall update.
    Boot into safe mode note enough time reboot

  21. m

    Iemand enig idee hoe ik mijn POCO x3 PRO kan updaten? Ik heb al bijna een jaar Miui 13.0.4 en kan met geen mogelijkheid updaten

    1. Yaroslav

      De firmware voor dit apparaat is teruggeroepen

      1. Jakub

        That is not entirely true.
        You can get the EEA (European) version by simply switching region to Poland. There you can update to latest update. (NOTE: I am from Czech republic, and here we were stuck on so even worse security update than in Netherlands)
        While in that region, you can also update to MIUI 14, BUT!!! I would rather wait or get some info from people who updated, because it seems like the version is very buggy and I have no idea, if you can update to the update after upgrading from MIUI 13 > 14 as I haven’t updated to it yet. So ask some people who have POCO X3 PRO what their experience is.
        After you update, you can switch the region back to your preferred one.

  22. Tony

    poco F1 bootloop, cant conect to Mi assistant.

    1. Yaroslav

      Hard Reset is not working?

  23. Nazish mashruwala

    Me 2016 se mi k phone use krrhi hu ek 2021 m mera mobile chalte chalte sudunly off ho gya tha but uska deta nhi bacha usme softwere laga or ab 2023 me mera mi note 10 k sath bhi yehi hua sab jagah dikhwa liya sab kuch try karwa liya but usme softwere lag kr hi on hoga mobile or deta sara lost hoga is tarha mera kitna loss hua hai is company se hi nafrat ho gyi ab mujhy