Redmi Android 15 update

Android 15 is expected to be released in spring 2024. At the end of the year, the first HyperOS stable versions for Redmi smartphones running Android 15 are expected to be released.

The new Google mobile operating system version is known as Android V (Vanilla Ice Cream) and the first beta versions for Xiaomi’s sub-brand devices should appear in April-May.

Xiaomi regularly publishes data on the timing of support for Redmi smartphones, including the planned Android versions for them. And there is already official information for which Redmi phones will get the update.

Which Redmi phones will get Android 15:

Redmi 12n/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
Redmi 12 5Gn/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
Redmi 13Cn/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
Redmi Note 12 4Gn/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
Redmi Note 13n/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
Redmi Note 13 5Gn/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
Redmi Note 13 NFCn/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
Redmi Note 13 Pron/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
Redmi Note 13 Pro 4Gn/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
Redmi Note 13 Pro Plusn/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
  • Release — HyperOS stable Android 15 firmware has been released for the smartphone. You can download the update via the link on the model name.
  • Beta — the update is in beta testing.
  • n/a — there is no official data about the firmware release date.

Xiaomi updates Redmi mobile phones with two Android versions. For example, if your phone was released with Android 13, it will get firmware on the 14th and 15th version of the mobile operating system. But Android 16 will not be released for it anymore.

Which Redmi smartphones will not be updated to Android 15:

  • Redmi Pad SE
  • Redmi Note 12 5G, 12 Pro 5G, 12 Pro Plus 5G
  • Redmi Note 11, 11S, 11 SE, 11S 5G, 11 Pro 5G, 11 Pro Plus 5G
  • Redmi Note 10 5G, 10S
  • Redmi 12C
  • Redmi 11 Prime 5G
  • Redmi 10, 10C, 10 5G, 10 2022 and older models

There is not much data yet, but this is official information. Source — AER page on

The list of Redmi phones with Android 15 is updated as new information becomes available. If your model is not in the table, then either there is no solid information yet, or a version fifteen based HyperOS update will not be released for it.

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