HyperOS 1 Update Download

To download the latest HyperOS update, select your region and device in the table below, then click the link to download the OTA, Recovery or Fastboot ROM update (how to choose the update).

The first version of HyperOS was unveiled at a presentation on 26 October 2023. After that, developers started releasing the first Chinese versions for flagships.

You can download HyperOS Global and already released versions for other countries. The remaining versions will be available throughout 2024. Once developers start releasing them, links will appear in the regions table to download the latest update of HyperOS Global and the remaining regions.

All links lead to the official Xiaomi website. You download the original stable update from there.

Download HyperOS for Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO:

Global HyperOS 1

The tables provide links to the latest updates. To download an older firmware version, follow the link on your smartphone or tablet’s name.

DeviceHyperOSAndroidRelease dateDownload link
Xiaomi | OTA
Xiaomi 13T1.0.2.0.UMFMIXM142024-02-23Recovery | Fastboot
POCO F5 Pro1.0.3.0.UMNMIXM142024-02-23Recovery | OTA
Redmi Note 12S1.0.5.0.UHZMIXM142024-02-22Recovery | OTA
Xiaomi 12 Pro1.0.1.0.ULBMIXM142024-02-22Recovery
Xiaomi 12T1.0.7.0.ULQMIXM142024-02-22Recovery | OTA
Xiaomi 12T Pro1.0.2.0.ULFMIXM142024-02-18Recovery
Xiaomi 13 Pro1.0.4.0.UMBMIXM142024-02-18Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 4G1.0.4.0.UMTMIXM142024-02-18Recovery | OTA
Redmi Note 12 4G NFC1.0.4.0.UMGMIXM142024-02-18Recovery | OTA
POCO M4 5G1.0.2.0.ULSMIXM142024-02-02Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi 10 5G1.0.2.0.ULSMIXM142024-02-02Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 Pro 4G1.0.2.0.THGMIXM132024-02-02Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
POCO F4 GT1.0.1.0.ULJMIXM142024-02-01Recovery | Fastboot
POCO X5 Pro 5G1.0.2.0.UMSMIXM142024-01-31Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 11T1.0.3.0.UKWMIXM142024-01-31Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 Pro1.0.1.0.UMOMIXM142024-01-29Recovery | Fastboot
POCO M6 Pro 5G1.0.3.0.UMWMIXM142024-01-27Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi 12 5G1.0.3.0.UMWMIXM142024-01-27Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Pad1.0.1.0.ULYMIXM142024-01-26Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12 Lite1.0.2.0.ULIMIXM142024-01-23Recovery | Fastboot
POCO X5 5G1.0.3.0.UMPMIXM142024-01-23Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 5G1.0.2.0.UMQMIXM142024-01-23Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad | Fastboot
Redmi | Fastboot
POCO X6 Pro 5G1.0.4.0.UNLMIXM142024-01-17Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13T Pro1.0.1.0.UMLMIXM142024-01-15Recovery | Fastboot
POCO M51.0.2.0.ULUMIXM142024-01-15Recovery | Fastboot
POCO F51.0.2.0.UMRMIXM142024-01-10Recovery | Fastboot
POCO C551.0.2.0.UCVMIXM142024-01-04Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi 12C1.0.2.0.UCVMIXM142024-01-04Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13 Ultra1.0.4.0.UMAMIXM142023-12-16Fastboot

European HyperOS 1

DeviceHyperOSAndroidRelease dateDownload link
Xiaomi | Fastboot
Redmi Pad1.0.2.0.ULYEUXM142024-02-23Recovery
Redmi Note 12 Pro 4G1.0.1.0.THGEUXM132024-02-21Recovery | OTA
Xiaomi 12T1.0.8.0.ULQEUXM142024-02-18Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13 Pro1.0.4.0.UMBEUXM142024-02-18Recovery
Redmi Note 12 5G1.0.4.0.UMQEUXM142024-02-18Recovery | Fastboot
POCO X5 5G1.0.1.0.UMPEUXM142024-02-18Recovery | Fastboot
POCO C551.0.1.0.UCVEUXM142024-02-18Recovery
Redmi 12C1.0.1.0.UCVEUXM142024-02-18Recovery
Xiaomi Pad | OTA
Xiaomi | OTA
Redmi | Fastboot
Xiaomi 11T1.0.2.0.UKWEUXM142024-02-02Recovery | Fastboot
POCO X5 Pro 5G1.0.2.0.UMSEUXM142024-02-02Recovery | Fastboot
POCO M6 Pro 5G1.0.1.0.UMWEUXM142024-02-01Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi 12 5G1.0.1.0.UMWEUXM142024-02-01Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 Pro1.0.1.0.UMOEUXM142024-02-01Recovery | Fastboot
POCO X6 Pro 5G1.0.4.0.UNLEUXM142024-01-30Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12 Lite1.0.2.0.ULIEUXM142024-01-27Recovery | Fastboot
POCO M51.0.1.0.ULUEUXM142024-01-25Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12 Pro1.0.2.0.ULBEUXM142024-01-23Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 4G NFC1.0.2.0.UMGEUXM142024-01-22Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12T Pro1.0.1.0.ULFEUXM142024-01-21Recovery | Fastboot
POCO F5 Pro1.0.3.0.UMNEUXM142024-01-19Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12S1.0.1.0.UHZEUXM142024-01-11Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13T Pro1.0.3.0.UMLEUXM142023-12-31Recovery | Fastboot
POCO F51.0.4.0.UMREUXM142023-12-22Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13 Ultra1.0.5.0.UMAEUXM142023-12-22Recovery | Fastboot

Indian HyperOS

DeviceHyperOSAndroidRelease dateDownload link
Redmi Pad1.0.1.0.ULYINXM142024-02-23Recovery
POCO X6 Pro 5G1.0.5.0.UNLINXM142024-02-20Recovery | OTA
POCO M6 Pro 5G1.0.1.0.UMWINXM142024-02-05Recovery | OTA
Redmi 12 5G1.0.1.0.UMWINXM142024-02-05Recovery | OTA
Redmi 11 Prime 4G1.0.3.0.ULUINXM142024-02-02Recovery | Fastboot
POCO M51.0.3.0.ULUINXM142024-02-02Recovery | Fastboot
POCO X5 Pro 5G1.0.2.0.UMSINXM142024-02-02Recovery
POCO X5 5G1.0.1.0.UMPINXM142024-01-30Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad | Fastboot
POCO C551.0.2.0.UCVINXM142024-01-22Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi 12C1.0.2.0.UCVINXM142024-01-22Recovery | Fastboot
POCO F51.0.5.0.UMRINXM142024-01-19Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 4G1.0.1.0.UMTINXM142024-01-15Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13 Pro1.0.1.0.UMBINXM142024-01-05Recovery | OTA | Fastboot

Chinese HyperOS 1

DeviceHyperOSAndroidRelease dateDownload link
Xiaomi 12X1.0.3.0.TLDCNXM132024-02-23Recovery | OTA
Redmi Note 12 Turbo1.0.2.0.UMRCNXM142024-02-23Recovery
Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro | Fastboot
Mi 11 LE1.0.1.0.UKOCNXM142024-02-22Recovery
Redmi K601.0.6.0.UMNCNXM142024-02-22Recovery | OTA
Redmi K60 Pro1.0.7.0.UMKCNXM142024-02-21Recovery | OTA
Redmi K60 Ultra1.0.9.0.UMLCNXM142024-02-20Recovery | OTA
Xiaomi | OTA
Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus1.0.2.0.UNOCNXM142024-02-20Recovery
Redmi Note 13 Pro1.0.1.0.UNRCNXM142024-02-20Recovery
Redmi K50 Pro1.0.2.0.ULKCNXM142024-02-18Recovery
Xiaomi 12S1.0.3.0.ULTCNXM142024-02-18Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12 Pro1.0.2.0.ULBCNXM142024-02-04Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi K501.0.2.0.ULNCNXM142024-02-04Recovery
Xiaomi | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12 Pro Dimensity1.0.2.0.ULGCNXM142024-02-02Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Pad SE1.0.3.0.UMUCNXM142024-02-02Recovery
Xiaomi MIX Fold | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12S Pro1.0.3.0.ULECNXM142024-02-01Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro1.0.4.0.UMYCNXM142024-02-01Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13 Ultra1.0.6.0.UMACNXM142024-01-31Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi 12C1.0.1.0.UCVCNXM142024-01-29Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12S Ultra1.0.4.0.ULACNXM142024-01-29Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 Pro Speed1.0.4.0.UMSCNXM142024-01-29Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 Discovery1.0.3.0.UMOCNXM142024-01-24Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 Pro1.0.3.0.UMOCNXM142024-01-24Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi K50G1.0.1.0.ULJCNXM142024-01-18Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Pad1.0.2.0.ULYCNXM142024-01-12Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi Civi | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12R1.0.5.0.UMWCNXM142024-01-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11R1.0.6.0.ULSCNXM142024-01-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi Note 11E1.0.5.0.ULSCNXM142024-01-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi K50 Ultra1.0.2.0.ULFCNXM142024-01-11Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi K70E1.0.8.0.UNLCNXM142024-01-01Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi K70 Pro1.0.9.0.UNMCNXM142023-12-28Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13 Pro1.0.4.0.UMBCNXM142023-12-28Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Redmi K701.0.9.0.UNKCNXM142023-12-26Recovery | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi MIX Fold | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad 6 Max | Fastboot
Xiaomi | OTA | Fastboot
Xiaomi 14 Pro1.0.9.0.UNBCNXM142023-10-29Recovery | OTA | Fastboot

Russian HyperOS

DeviceHyperOSAndroidRelease dateDownload link
POCO X5 5G1.0.1.0.UMPRUXM142024-02-22Recovery
POCO M51.0.1.0.ULURUXM142024-02-22Recovery
Redmi Note 12 Pro 4G1.0.1.0.THGRUXM132024-02-21Recovery | OTA
POCO X5 Pro 5G1.0.1.0.UMSRUXM142024-02-21Recovery
Xiaomi 13T Pro1.0.4.0.UMLRUXM142024-02-18Recovery
Xiaomi 13T1.0.1.0.UMFRUXM142024-02-18Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12T1.0.2.0.ULQRUXM142024-02-04Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 4G NFC1.0.1.0.UMGRUXM142024-02-04Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 11T1.0.2.0.UKWRUXM142024-02-02Recovery | Fastboot
POCO F5 Pro1.0.2.0.UMNRUXM142024-01-29Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12S1.0.1.0.UHZRUXM142024-01-25Recovery | Fastboot
POCO F51.0.1.0.UMRRUXM142024-01-22Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13 Pro1.0.2.0.UMBRUXM142024-01-19Recovery | Fastboot
POCO X6 Pro 5G1.0.1.0.UNLRUXM142024-01-11Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13 Ultra1.0.1.0.UMARUXM142024-01-02Recovery | Fastboot

Taiwanese HyperOS

DeviceHyperOSAndroidRelease dateDownload link
POCO C551.0.1.0.UCVTWXM142024-02-22Recovery
Redmi 12C1.0.1.0.UCVTWXM142024-02-22Recovery
POCO M51.0.1.0.ULUTWXM142024-02-22Recovery
POCO X5 Pro 5G1.0.1.0.UMSTWXM142024-02-21Recovery
Xiaomi 13T Pro1.0.4.0.UMLTWXM142024-02-18Recovery
Xiaomi 12T Pro1.0.2.0.ULFTWXM142024-02-18Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13T1.0.1.0.UMFTWXM142024-01-29Recovery | Fastboot
POCO F5 Pro1.0.3.0.UMNTWXM142024-01-24Recovery | Fastboot
POCO F51.0.1.0.UMRTWXM142024-01-22Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13 Pro1.0.2.0.UMBTWXM142024-01-20Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12S1.0.1.0.UHZTWXM142024-01-19Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12T1.0.1.0.ULQTWXM142024-01-18Recovery | Fastboot
POCO X6 Pro 5G1.0.2.0.UNLTWXM142024-01-11Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13 Ultra1.0.1.0.UMATWXM142024-01-02Recovery | Fastboot

Indonesian HyperOS

DeviceHyperOSAndroidRelease dateDownload link
POCO M51.0.1.0.ULUIDXM142024-02-22Recovery
POCO C551.0.1.0.UCVIDXM142024-02-22Recovery
Redmi 12C1.0.1.0.UCVIDXM142024-02-22Recovery
Xiaomi Pad | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12 Lite1.0.2.0.ULIIDXM142024-01-29Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12T1.0.4.0.ULQIDXM142024-01-29Recovery | Fastboot
POCO X5 Pro 5G1.0.2.0.UMSIDXM142024-01-29Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13T1.0.2.0.UMFIDXM142024-01-26Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 4G NFC1.0.1.0.UMGIDXM142024-01-23Recovery | Fastboot
POCO F51.0.1.0.UMRIDXM142024-01-15Recovery | Fastboot
POCO X6 Pro 5G1.0.1.0.UNLIDXM142024-01-11Recovery | Fastboot

Turkish HyperOS

DeviceHyperOSAndroidRelease dateDownload link
POCO M51.0.1.0.ULUTRXM142024-02-22Recovery
POCO X5 Pro 5G1.0.1.0.UMSTRXM142024-02-21Recovery
Xiaomi 13T1.0.1.0.UMFTRXM142024-02-18Recovery | Fastboot
POCO F51.0.2.0.UMRTRXM142024-01-29Recovery | Fastboot
POCO F5 Pro1.0.2.0.UMNTRXM142024-01-29Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 13T Pro1.0.2.0.UMLTRXM142024-01-29Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi Pad | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12S1.0.1.0.UHZTRXM142024-01-23Recovery | Fastboot
Redmi Note 12 4G1.0.1.0.UMTTRXM142024-01-22Recovery | Fastboot
Xiaomi 12T1.0.1.0.ULQTRXM142024-01-22Recovery

Hyper OS is not yet available for the rest of the smartphones. As new versions are released by Xiaomi developers, they will appear on this page.

To find out if your device will get the update, visit the relevant page:

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  1. Yang Tsai

    When I will get Xiaomi HyperOS 1 update in my Xiaomi 13T Pro & Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE & Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G Taiwan variant?

  2. Yang

    Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G Ruby (Taiwan) 的 HyperOS 何時可以開始 Beta 測試?

  3. Cristopher

    Me llegó que tenía actualizacion para mí Xiaomi pad 6 exactamente le di me mandó al actualizador y me dice que no hay actualizaciones soy de México será que la habrán cancelado o algo?

  4. Danny

    Does anyone facing battery drain issue with POCO X6 Pro 5G Indian version (
    Please help me with the issue.

    1. Adnan

      Xiaomi 13t pro troši bateriju ko lud hyperos global

  5. fleur

    apakah poco m4 pro 4G kebagian update hyperOs 1 ?

    1. Yaroslav


  6. iOS

    i need HyperOS Global “MI” version for Xiaomi 12T

  7. Muhammad Usman

    Why poco x2 x3pro x3 nfc user’s don’t get HyperOS?

    1. Yaroslav

      Because Xiaomi decided

      1. fury

        big like

  8. Pawar

    Poco m5 hyper update available?

    1. Yaroslav


      1. Mohammed ilyas

        Poco m6 pro 5G hyperos update and Android 14 update available today yes are no???????🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

        1. Yaroslav

          May be)